(Wholesale 5 Copies) The Natural Hair Bible Book

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(Wholesale 5 Copies) The Natural Hair Bible Book
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If you are natural, pondering the thought of going natural, or have decided to go natural, this book will be your reference of knowledge!

In “The 10 Commandments of Black Hair Care”, Author Breanna Rutter breaks down everything you need to know to achieve long healthy hair for your specific hair type.

In this comprehensive guide, some of the things you will learn are a plethora of homemade product recipes, tables, and graphs that you can use to buy the appropriate hair products that you will need for your specific hair type.

Other popular topics will be addressed like; heat training, swimming with natural hair, the big chop, how often you should trim your hair, is it or is it not okay to wear weaves and extensions while being natural, along with the author’s personal hair stories, experiences, and much more!


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