Invisible Part Sew In Hairstyling DVD FREE Online Step By Step Hair Tutorial

Breanna Rutter

Hair Supplies Used For The Invisible Part Sew In Hairstyle Black Hair DVD



Steps In Order For The Invisible Part No Glue Full Sew In Weave Tutorial


Step 1

Invisible Part Sew In Weave on Natural Hair No Glue Tutorial Supplies Part 1

To do a Full Sew In Invisible Part Weave, you want to make sure that you have all of the materials listed above.

Please don't assume that it's worth it to buy cheap hair because it's nicer on your wallet.

To make your best hair purchase for this style, do start cheap first.

It is a must that the hair you decide to purchase matches the texture and curl pattern that you desire.

Be careful when choosing beautiful synthetic curls that are too shiny, plastic, or "perfect" because it's hard to pass as your real hair.

Also, if your weave hair may not be as dark in color as mine, your best bet is to purchase thread that resembles to your hair color the most.

If the hair you choose is red, blonde, brown, or other colors, it is best to purchase your weaving thread accordingly.

If you are in a position to where you can't find matching color weaving thread to use for your Full Sew In Invisible Part Weave, you want to go ahead and purchase regular sewing thread that matches.

Even though the thread is weaker in strength, you can still use it and suffice for that strength by sewing over each weft extension twice.


Step 2

Braid Pattern for Invisible Part Sew In Weave Tutorial Part 2

You have the choice to purchase different colored weaving thread but you

want to use the thread that best matches your hair color.

Since my extensions are more black than brown, it's appropriate to use black weaving thread. If you are installing, for instance, blonde, red, or brown weave/extensions, you want to weaving thread to color coordinate with your tracks.

This helps greatly in camouflaging the fact that you have extensions installed in your hair.

It would be an awful feeling knowing that you and the others around you can potentially see blonde or red thread peeking through your black or brown extensions!


Step 3

How To Sew In Weave Tracks For Invisible Part Sew In Step By Step Tutorial Part 3

When sewing on your hair extensions, make sure to take your time!

I know it's fun and even if you know what you are doing, you want to be careful when you stitch the weave unto your hair.

If you aren't careful, you risk the possibility of poking yourself in the scalp or stitching your extensions too tight.

When you are sewing your extensions on your head, your scalp should not be tender or hurt, that means that you are applying too much tension to your scalp.

So many times, I have heard of women getting a sew in done and then being in excruciating pain right after their install, please speak up when your experience is uncomfortable and if you stylist can't accommodate for you, do what's best for you in that situation.

Take your time and stick to what you know works for you and keep working and practicing at creating your own Full Sew In Invisible Part Weave!


Step 4

Sew In Extensions For Invisible Part on African American Hair Tips Tutorial Part 4

As you sew in your weave extensions, keep in mind how you would wear your hair.

If you would like to curl your hair or wet the hair, buying human hair is your best choice.

Synthetic hair is appropriate if you don't want to wear the Full Sew In Invisible Part Weave style for too long.

Synthetic hair is also great for practicing.

The hair is very inexpensive so if you are not successful in your Full Sew In Invisible Part Weave attempts, you won't have to spend much money for practice.

Also, you want to stay consistent with the technique that works for you.

Always make sure that you are comfortable when doing your hair.

Sometimes its not best to do your hair out of frustration or fatigue because it can wreck havoc on your hair.


Step 5

Invisible Part Closure Piece Install on Black Women Hair Sew In Method Tutorial Part 5

As you sew in your weave extensions, keep in mind how you would wear your hair.

Finishing off your full sew in invisible part weave is the deciding factor as to whether or not your hair will be hot or not.

Installing your closure is the most important part of this style because if it is installed improperly, it is the first thing you notice.

Sometimes it may look like there is a piece of hair floating on top of your head which is not good.

You should not be able to look through the closure piece, it should be completely flat and undetectable.

Sometimes, the closure is installed with glue and even if it looks beautiful, when it comes time to uninstall, the issues arise.


Step 6

How To Cut And Style Your Invisible Part Weave Like A Professional Tutorial Part 6

Styling your Full Sew In Invisible Part Weave is so fun because you can be as creative as you want to be!

You can do a light trim to decrease the length of your hair or you can do an extreme hair cut like an asymmetrical bob or a pixie cut.

Also, if your hair is curly, to reduce the bulky or heavy look, you can cut the curls in layers.

When you cut trim and style your Full Sew In Invisible Part Weave, make sure that your hair is tucked away.

You don't want to add unnecessary tension on your hair when you only want to manipulate the weave extensions.

Take your time when you are styling your hair because you want to be proud of your work as you continually wear your Invisible Part Full Sew In Weave!


Step 7

Invisible Part Sew In Finished Results Hairstyle On Natural Hair Tutorial Part 7

This is the finished look to the Full Sew In Invisible Part Weave.

The Full Sew In Invisible Part Weave has already been installed and I have styled it as well.

This Full Sew In Invisible Part Weave is perfect for natural hair and other hair types as well since you do not have to blend your hair with your weave!

This same method for sewing your full sew in would be great for those who are post relaxer or even transitioning with their relaxed hair.

Even if you are relaxed, you can do this and achieve great results as well.

The secret to this invisible part sew in is making sure that your weave extensions are installed comfortably and that your weave looks flawless.


Step 8

Invisible Part Sew In Uninstall Take Down No Hair Damage Tutorial Part 8

Now it's time to take down or uninstall your Invisible Part Weave.

If you would rather sport it for another couple of days or even weeks feel free but remember to take care of your hair.

When I wear any type of style, it is a MUST that I add moisture to my hair at least once a week.

I use my spray bottle concoction to add moisture to my hair.

Do to your hair what your hair needs because if you let conditions worsen, your hair ends up paying for it.

When you take down your hair, all you have to do is cut the visible thread that you see to remove the extensions from your head.

Please, don't be afraid to cut the thread off, just take your time and make sure that you can see a clear distinction of the thread and your hair.

Its really easy and simple and once you get the technique down, you will be addicted to the ease of this Full Sew In Invisible Part Weave!


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