Ghana Braid/Banana Braid/Cherokee Braid/Invisible Braid DVD

Breanna Rutter


In The Ghana Braids / Banana Braids Hairstyle Tutorial I inform you of all the products that you will need to achieve this hairstyle.


To achieve this style, you will need as follows;


(6) Packages of Synthetic Kanekalon Braiding Hair

(1) Wide Tooth Comb

(1) Rat Tail Comb

(1) Hair Cutting Scissors

(4) Duck Bill Clips

Olive Oil

Hair Jel


Step 1: Ghana Braids Tutorial / Invisible Cornrow Braids Braiding Hair for Beginners

To do the Ghana Braids Hairstyle (also referred to as Banana Cornrow Braids and Invisible Cornrow Braids), you want to make sure that you are using kanekalon braiding hair to achieve the same results I have. Using a different kind of braiding hair will show a slight to drastic difference in the results you achieve with this hairstyle.


Before adding any extensions to your hair, it is very important that you have deep conditioned your hair to have well hair moisturized hair throughout the wear of your install.

Follow along with the products that I have listed above to achieve the appropriate results for your Ghana Braids Hairstyle.


Step 2: How To Do Ghana Braids / Banana Braids Tutorial: How To Braid Cornrows Step By Step

When braiding on natural hair, you always want to be extremely gentle!

In this step I am teaching you how to braid your own hair for beginners step by step in regards to this invisible cornrow braids hairstyle!

If you are not careful with your hair, that will reflect in the health of your hair.

Too much rough handling on your tresses will result in split damaged ends and hair loss which in the long run stunt the growth of your hair.

Wearing a protective style like this Ghana Braids Hairstyle is great in retaining length but if you always comb aggressively or handle your hair in a rough manner, many of your hair saving methods will go to waste.

Also, remember when that you do cornrows/french braids you can make your braid or your twists as long in length as you want.

To make them longer in length, you just have to add more braiding hair alond the way.

The ultimate look of a style is to your discretion.


Step 3: Ghana Banana Cornrows Braid Hairstyle for Black Women (Finished Results)

This is the finished look to your Ghana Braids / Banana Braids Hairstyle after braiding all of your hair whether your hair is relaxed or natural!

This hairstyle is perfect for black hair simply because it is protective of your hair and the ends of your hair isn’t exposed.

This Ghana Braids Hairstyle is also great for those who are post relaxer or even transitioning  with their natural hair.

And yes, even if you are relaxed, you can do this and achieve great results as well!


Step 4: Invisible Cornrow Braids with Kanekalon Hair : How To Remove Braids on Natural 4c Hair

Now it’s time to take down or uninstall your Ghana Cornrow Braids.

If you would rather sport your hairstyle for another couple of days or even weeks feel free but remember to take care of your hair.

When I wear any type of hairstyle, it is a MUST that I add moisture to my hair at least once a week.

I use my spray bottle concoction to add moisture to my hair.

Remember to release your braids out of a pinned style (if you have done so) at least once a week to add some moisture to your hair.

If your hair requires less moisture, thats fine, do to your hair what is needed.

When taking down your braids, all you have to do is unravel them from the bottom and work your way up.

Sometimes I like to cut of the very bottom of the cornrow braids because as the ends thin to a finer point, it can be difficult taking them down once you start.

If you are sure or unsure as to whether or not where your hair ends along the braids, take them down with your hands until you are comfortable with cutting the ends to speed up the process later on.

Its really easy and simple and once you get the ghana braiding technique down, you will be addicted to the ease of this style!

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