Havana Twists Full DVD Tutorial

Breanna Rutter


Supplies Used To do the Havana Twist Hairstyle

(10) Packs of Marley/Havana Twisting Hair Extensions
Rat Tail Comb
Hair Comb
Water Spray Bottle
Hair Scissors
Hair Gel
Duck Bill Clips
Blue Cold Wave Hair Rollers
Bobby Pins
Dry Towel


Step 1: How To Do Havana Twists On Natural Hair Tutorial 

To do the Havana Twists of Marley Twists Hairstyle, you want to make sure that the hair you buy is very kinky in texture to resemble natural hair since the nature of this style...


Step 2: Havana Twists Step By Step Hair Tutorial Jumbo Senegalese/ Invisible Root Marley Twist Method 

Take your time when twisting and manipulating your hair when you are achieving the Havana Twist Hairstyle.
Try your best not to add too much hair to each twisting section because this will results in heavy twist and the same thing goes for heavy braids...


Step 3: How To Maintain Havana Twists/ Marley Twist Hair Tips & Advice Tutorial 

Maintaining your Havana Twists of Marley Twists is simple and easy.
Most people are afraid to wear hair extensions and weave because they are not sure as to how to take care of their hair underneath their style when in fact, it is really easy to do...


Step 4: Havana Twists: How To Rope Twist The Back Of Your Own Head Tutorial 

Twisting the back of your head can be diffucult if you are new to doing this Havana Twist Hairstyle let alone new to generally doing your own hair!...


Step 5:How To Curl The Ends Of Havana Twist Hair Tutorial 

As you are finish twisting your Havana Twist Extensions, next you will be sealing the ends of your twists by curling the ends with hair rollers...


Step 6: Havana Twists Finished Results Protective Hairstyle Tutorial 

This is the finished results of your Havana Twists Hairstyle!
This hairstyle is perfect for natural hair simply because it is a protective style, your natural hair...


Step 7:Hairstyles for Havana Twists: 3 Styles For Black Ethnic Hair Tutorial 

There are so many different types of ways to style Havana Twists or Marley Twists because individual twists offer so much versatility in the first place!...


Step 8: Havana Twist Takedown: How To Remove Havana Hair From Your Natural Hair Tutorial 

Now it's time to take down or uninstall your Havana Twists. If you would rather sport your hairstyle for another couple of days or even weeks feel free but remember to take care of your hair...


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