How To Do Bantu Knots on Short 4C Natural Hair Step By Step Tutorial Part 2 of 4

Breanna Rutter


In The Bantu Knot Out Tutorial, I inform you of all the products that you will need to achieve this style.


To achieve this style, you will need as follows;

Hair Water Spray Bottle

Hair conditioner

Hair clips


Olive Oil

Afro Pick


When twisting your bantu knots on natural hair, you always want to be extremely gentle with your hair.

If you are not careful with your hair, that will reflect in the health of your hair.

Too much rough handling on your tresses will result in split and damaged ends which in the long run stunt the growth of your hair.

Wearing this protective style is great in retaining length but if you always comb aggressively or handle your hair in a rough manner, many of your hair saving methods will go to waste.

Also, remember when you do a bantu knot out on your hair that you twist in the fashion that you would like for your hair to lay on your head.



Here we are in step number two of the bantu knot style in this that I will show you how to do your bantu knots on your hair step-by-step so to begin you want to make sure that all of your hair is thoroughly detangled and if you have not done this you will have to detangled your hair along as you go so once your hair has been the detangled with your hair pick we will then use our clips our hair pick and out comb and other materials to section our hair and prepare our hair for our bantu knots before we begin twisting sections of our hair for our bantu knots you want to first make sure that you have prepared your section or hair to do so so to begin I will demonstrate and show you my bantu knot on the right side of my head into begin you want to use your water spray bottle to mist your hair as it helps you to comb your hair and to provide slip as you twist so in my spray bottle here I have a spray bottle of two thirds amount of water and then I have one third amount of hair conditioner you can play around with the ratios but this seems to be best as it provides great slip and moisture so you can take any hair conditioner that you would like add it to a spray bottle of water you are going to give it a good shake and you going to generally mist the section of hair you want to work on so now that I've misted the section of hair I will use my comb my hair pick and my clips to help keep my hair sectioned and the detangled so I can begin my twists so this is about the section of hair that you need for a medium-size bantu knot if you want your Bantu knots to be more tighter and more wound together you want to part your size part in about half this section if you want your bantu knots to be wider and more of the wavy fell you want to part about double the section so now going to mist my hair just a little bit more I'm going to apply my oil and then I'm going to begin twisting my hair for my bantu knot so now that you have prepared your section of hair for your Bantu knots we are going to begin twisting so what you want to do is make sure that when you are twisting you are very firm to your scalp this will result in a very consistent Bantu knot so you can either use one of your hand or both of your hands to help you with gripping your hair so I am going to use both of my hands to grab my hair as firm to my scalp as possible so one trick that I like to do is to open up my thumb in my index finger and I put my thumb behind my part I put my index finger in front of me and I rub against the edges of my scalp by doing this Im forcing all of my hair to lay extremely flat as what you see here so my hair is not pulled tight or uncomfortably is pulled firmly in it doesn't hurt whatsoever if he kind of feels painful or you see any bumps you want to lossen your grip so once again I'm going to show you how I gather at the root because you want to make sure that your roots are very flat I put my thumb behind my part and then I use my index finger and I rub it against the edges of my hair and then I hold it very tight now from this point you want to twist your hand either clockwise or counterclockwise and according to me in a direction that I am facing I will be twisting my hand clockwise so I will turn to the right and twist just as simple is that once you twist you want to take her other hand and grab as close to the base as possible with your index and your thumb so now you twist again in the same direction and mind you want to keep all of your hair flat is what you see here and you going to take your right hand again to switch hands so you can continue twisting so you just going to twist all the way to the very bottom now from this point you want to make sure that your twist doesn't start the start to buckle like what you see here you want to kid of loosen your grip your because you want just a consistent twist all way to the bottom now what you're going to do is start to wrap this twist around in a circle so all the same pattern that you were when you were twisting your hair you want to wind your hair in a circle as well so now I am going to use my fingers of my right hand to hold it to my scalp and then I'm going to twist my hair around you can want to twist it around you want to twist it like a Cinnabon so now for this tail end im going to continue to wrap it around and by doing this action this will automatically hold the very ends of my hair onto my dancing not now you have shorter hair or is hard for you to hold your Bantu knot to your scalp you want to use a bobby pin slide it into hold it very tightly to your scalp but if you're twisting with my method you will be able to hold your ends inside of your Bantu knot all on its own so once again I will show you with a new section how to do your Bantu knots to show you how I do my Bantu knots once more what I'm going to do a section my hair and also use my water spray bottle to help me with detangling my hair is already been detangled but I will run the once again to show you so right now want to take my spray bottle from my table and I'm going to move up to my head right next to the Bantu knot that I had first formed so right here I am going to spray my water condition mixture and begin parting my hair so you don't want to much spray just need enough to lubricate the area's going to rub the water in just a little bit so now next I'm going to reach to my table and I'm going to grab my comb to part my section of hair so now you can want to stick to the size part but remember you can also do whatever size you would like if you would like to go a little bit bigger or a little bit smaller so this is my section of hair and I'm going to detangle through from the ends and work my way up so now I am going to sit my comb on my table I'm going to grab my hairclips to keep my hair sectioned as I'm twisting my hair so and I'm going to place a clip here on this side here and I'm going to place my next clip right behind my section of hair this wills top Stray hairs and getting inside of your Bantu knots and help your Bantu knot to look a lot more neat with the hair that you have designated so I am going to reach my table and I'm going to grab my oil to lubricate my hair this will help me lock in moisture so I am going to spray a little bit my hand use my fingers and I'm just gonna wipe up the oil and I'm going to coat this oil on my hair starting at the ends and working your way up now this is the part where you will begin twisting so if you use my method you want to place your finger behind your part so I place my thumb behind my part to use my index finger to gather all of my hair right there in front to keep everything very flat for my Bantu knot so my thumb behind my part my fingers are going to grab all of the hair and then I'm going to twist use my other hand grab my hair at the base and twist take my free hand grab at the base twist make sure to twist consistently in the same direction all the way to the bottom and also use your fingers to kind of pull the hair just a little bit to lengthen it and to help release any bunches of hair that starts to gather together so now from this point what I want to do always seem to leave a little bit of hair here at the bottom to help at this point I'm going to start winding this twist around in a circle in the same direction that I was twisting I'm also going to go the same direction when wrapping it around itself so use your hands to hold down the base of your Bantu knot and twirl your hair around it just like that even to the very end just twirl all the way taught against your Bantu knot and then you can release in this step I showed you step-by-step how to do your Bantu knots on your own hair so to begin you first want to remember to have all of your hair thoroughly detangled once your hair is the detangled you will use your water spray bottle to mist your hair to add moisture and slip once this happens you use a little bit of your oil to seal in your moisture and then you begin twisting your Bantu knots so now that you know how to do Bantu knots on your hair do Bantu knots consistently throughout your entire head until your style is complete in the next step, step number three I will show you how to take down your Bantu knots and fluff the roots of your hair to finish off your look


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