How To Do Senegalese / Rope Twists Step By Step Tutorial Part 2 of 8

Breanna Rutter


For The Senegalese Rope Twists Extensions Tutorial, I inform you of all the products that you will need to achieve this style.


To achieve the Rope Twists Hairstyle, you will need as follows;

(5) Packs/Bundles of synthetic braiding hair


Hair cutting scissors

Hair gel

Hair Water Spray Bottle

Hair Ties/Head bands

Bobby pins


When twisting on natural hair, you always want to be extremely gentle with your hair.

If you are not careful with your hair, that will reflect in the health of your hair.

Too much rough handling on your tresses will result in split damaged ends and hair loss which in the long run stunt the growth of your hair.

Wearing a protective style like this Senegalese Rope Twists Extensions is great in retaining length but if you always comb aggressively or handle your hair in a rough manner, many of your hair saving methods will go to waste.

Also, remember when that you do Senegalese Rope Twists Extensions you can make your twists as long as you want.

The ultimate look of a style is to your discretion.



Here we are step number two of the Senegalese twist style and is that I will be showing you in detail step-by-step how to do your own Senegalese twist first you want to make sure that you already sectioned off a portion of your hair that you will be twisting then I'll show you how to take your weave extensions and weave it into your hair to form your Senegalese twist before you actually part your hair into sections I will first show you how to prepare your bundles of synthetic braiding hair so what you want to do is make sure they already remove your bundle from the package you will remove the rubber band that holds the hair together bottom and top with your scissors now once you've taken the rubber bands of you are almost ready with your hair if you would like your Senegalese twists to be extremely long almost down your back I'll suggest that you leave the pack whole but I want my Senegalese to be shorter about shoulder length so what you want to do is make sure that you're holding your bundle of hair directly in and take your scissors to cut the top part of your extensions now this next step is is extremely for because as was the your Senegalese twist you do not want the is to be extremely perfect and even this would make her twist unravel you need your twist to gradually get a little bit better so that the hair is all together really tightly at the ends of your twists so what you want to do is locate the middle section of the hair in place your hand there so both sides are even once you do that you are going to hold tightly with your fist take your other hand and you will strands of hair from the middle of your section down this gives it a tapered feel as if it's in layers in this also helps when you're twisting your hair so that the ends of your twists aren’t blunt so we are not going to pullt p tightly which is going to gradually pull different hairs toward the middle of the bundle and also toward the outer edge you just want to make sure to break up the straightness in the weave now I am just going to shake it out and examine how the ends look and now they have already looked a lot different so you can just go ahead and gradually pull more sections of hair as needed now I am just going to shake it out and look at the ends and the ends look very good so now you've already prepared your hair I'll show you how to prepare the hair on your head for your Senegalese twist so now that you have prepared your bundle of hair I will now show you how to prepare the hair on your head for your Senegalese twist so what you want to do is make sure that you have your comb your hair gel and your water spray bottle ready for your hair so the type of comb that I like to use has three different sized teeth in each serve for different purposes the teacher to the right of the comb serves as your typical sized teeth when combing through your hair the teeth on this side are extremely helpful for detangling your hair because they're wider they also add more body in balance to an already curly or straight style as well and then the teeth at the bottom of the comb serves as your typical hair pick to either fluff the roots of your hair or to even help you in detangling your hair so I will use all of these teeth at different times as I am parting my hair for my Senegalese twists so now before I part I will go and take my water spray bottle and then I am just going to lightly mist the section of hair to help me as I am parting and combing through my hair so now that I have misted my hair I'm going to take the teeth of my comb and I'm going to part a section of hair on my head if you are familiar with either box braids or either single braids you want to make sure that you are a pretty nice sized box on your head for doing Senegalese twist you could even do your Senegalese twist micro style but most popularly they are the style of your typical box braids so the size of my boxes probably about half an inch all around on all sides and now that I have sectioned my hair I want to take my comb detangle through and apply my hair gel so now that you have prepared your section of hair we will begin twisting our Senegalese twist now that you have already prepared your hair for your twist I will begin showing you how to do your Senegalese twist just for demonstration purposes I will be using an extremely light colored hair so you can clearly see the difference between the weave and my hair to help you understand the technique my hair is a really dark brown to a black color so that is the color of my extensions that I will be using for demonstration purposes I will be using this extremely light blonde hair as I am showing my twist so with your hair that you are using with whatever color you choose you will go ahead and pinch often and amount of hair so this is the size of the hair that you typically want to use for the size part that you have so from this point one you want to use your fingers to locate the middle of the hair and make sure both bottoms are equal to one another so you can wrap your right hand and your left hand around the hair and use of your thumb and your index finger of both your hands to position the hair in the middle the space here in the middle of my fingers will be placed on my scalp so you go to your head and you will place the middle part of the eave there at your scalp once you do that you can use your fingers to divide the hair into two pieces so some of your natural hair goes to one hand and some goes to the other hand now from this point you just want to take your left hand grab your hair in the weave and just hold out of the way securely so here we are just focusing on this piece of hair here in our right hand in the hair there as well so with your right hand you grab your hair and leave with all your fingers and in your going to twist them together to the left so making sure to hold the left and secure so that this hair does not slide around it you are just going to hold that place and continue to twist your right hand to the left once you have twisted your right hand to the left you going to hold that into place in take your left hand with your hair and weave and twist all of that to the left as well so you can even use some your fingers to just kind of help you untangle yourself and then you are just going to continue to twist to the left so we twist down just far enough so that we can overlap these two pieces without falling down so remember when we started we placed the hair here divide our hair into two pieces and then we twist to the right hand to the left which was that the left hand now once its very tight abd secured what you are going to do is take the hair in your right hand and put it over the hair in your left hand so we are going to cross that over you crossover the right over the left switch hands once you switch hands are going to continue to twist each side of the hair to the left and crossed them over again twist to the left the hair it's in the right hand crosses over the left hand and then he switch hands keeping everything nice and tight you dont want to let go of anything only when you're switching you want us to stay secure so both hands twist to the left overlap the right over the left and keep doing the same thing twist both sides to the left overlap the right over the left twist both sides to the left overlapped the right over the left you want to continue this process until you reach the very bottom of your twist to as you get closer to the end sometimes the very ends of the hair may not match as perfectly so what you can do is grab a couple of pieces from the other side to share those hairs with your other side of your hand just to move a couple over to make them even and then you just gonna continue to twist to the left and overlap whats n your right hand over your left hand and twist all the way to the bottom so now you know that once you've let your twist go for that final test of approval your twist should not unravel so now that you have finished twisting your first Senegalese twist you can use scissors to skim off any of the pieces of hair that sticks out from the twist to be careful not to cut the twist or your real hair some I am just twisting it and rolling it around and cutting off any trim any hair doesn't have to be perfect it just has to be neat so now that I have shown you how to do your Senegalese twist remember I am only using his blonde hair for demonstration purposes so that is why I havent perfectly cut every single piece of hair that came out of the Senegalese twist I just want you to understand the technique in the process and what to do when you are creating your twist now I will take down this blonde Senegalese twist and I will show you with the dark colored hair that I will actually be using for my style so now that I have removed my blonde Senegalese twist I will show you by example on the color of hair that I will actually be using some of the same spot on my head I will be doing the twist when you want to do is make sure to locate the middle of your hair and making sure both of the bottoms of your extensions are equal as you can get then you go to position your right hand and your left hand on the hair holding the hair in your hand putting your index finger and your thumb on the hair now from this point the hair that's in the middle there you are going to place that on your scalp so we are going to go right up to our head and i am going to place that right on the top of the hair my scalp and then I am going to divide my real hair into two pieces once I do that you take my left hand and hold my hair and the weave securely in my left hand it is not going to start twisting this hair in my right hand so this hair with the weave will be twisted to the left remember you want to hold the other side of the extension very secure so that it doesn't do this sliding thing on your head from the hold the hair and leave my left hand out of place and then I'm going to continue to twist to the left now that its twisted pretty securely going to go see your left hand and twist your hair and extensions to the left as well so I can use my other hand with my fingers just to help me position the hair will be better so continue to twist the left onto your little bit of the ways down now at this point you take the hair is in your right hand you cross it over the hair that is in your left hand some crossed over and then you go to continue to twist each section of hair to the left so at the same time I twist both sides the left across the right strand over the left strand as you near the bottom remember you can take some of the hair from the other side and connect it with your other piece to make sure that you can twist all the way to the very bottom now your twist is complete so when you are twisting your Senegalese twist make sure to remain consistent at the top I have shown you how your twists should consistently look in as you see down the twist you will notice that there is a buckle here and even a buckle at the very bottom of the twist that means you have twisted each section to tight and it cause it to overlap over itself or it just started to buckle and loosen up its texture so from this point this is how your Senegalese twist look consistently and when you notice that there buckles or abnormal curves that mean you didn't twist tight enough for you over twisted your twist and also remember to trim those frayed ends at the bottom in any hairs that stick out of your Senegalese twist in this that I have shown you how to prepare your real hair and weave hair for your Senegalese twist I have also shown you step-by-step how to do your twist in the next step, step number three I will be giving you my best tips tricks and advice for doing your Senegalese twists



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