How To Do Your Own Single Box Braids On Yourself FASTER Tutorial Part 4 of 8

Breanna Rutter


To achieve the Box Braids Hairstyle, you will need as follows;


When doing your Box Braids/Single Braids Extensions, there may be a time, or two, when other priorities intervene. There may be times when you have to go out to get something to eat, you may have to cook for your family, or make it on time to work. Doing your individual braids/Box Braids/Single Braids in a rush with my method will show you results that seems as if your hair has been finished. Braid your hair around the perimeter of your head so that when those inconveniences force you to take a break from your hair, you can put your hair into a ponytail to continue on later.



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Welcome to step number four of the single braids in this that I will be showing you how to do your single braid extensions in a rush is extremely helpful when you are doing your single braids because sometimes you may have enough time to devote your hair and one day set for instance you have errands to run or appointments to go to or you even have work to go to where you even have to go to work earlier than what you anticipated you want to make sure that you do the steps so that your hair is concealed by doing your single race in a rush is simply braiding enough braids to make your hair appear as if it is completely perimeter of my head so that when I pull all of my single braids up its covering any of my real your so right now I have my hair up in a bun and I am going to remove my elastic band to show you how your hair will you do your braids in a rush so when you are doing your single braids in a rush you can probably get away with putting a couple of rows around the perimeter of your head depending on how thick or thin your real hair is so right now I probably have a depth of 3 to 4 braids entirely from my head so I 3 to 4 rows braids around my head right what I've done is taking natural hair and I took a rubber band and placed it into a secure pony tail you can leave your handles is what you choose but by putting your hair in the middle into a ponytail it helps your hair to lay flat as possible to conceal with your braids so when you bring your hair just make sure that you have enough rows so that when you flip the hair back over your real hair your real hair is not showing through the braids this is an extremely helpful tip to follow along with as you are when you're single braid extensions so many times I've had to stop what I was doing it right how to take care of things that come up throughout the day so by making sure that your first main objective is to braid around the perimeter of your head saves you from a bad hair day and it was if your hair is finished when in fact its not you know how to do your single braid extensions in a rush and the next step, step number five I'll show you how to seal the ends of your braids


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