Cutting, Layering, And Styling Crochet Braids Hairstyle Step 4 of 6

Breanna Rutter


Hair Supplies Used to do Latch Hook Crochet Hairstyle with Curly Hair;


(1) comb

(1) scissors


Styling your latch hook crochet braid style is so fun because you can be as creative as you want to be!

You can do a light trim to decrease the length of your hair or you can do an extreme hair cut like an asymmetrical bob or a pixie cut.

Also, if your hair is curly, to reduce the bulky or heavy look, you can cut the curls in layers.Take your time when you are styling your hair because you want to be proud of your work and continually wear your custom latch hook crochet braid style!


Welcome to step number four of the latch hook hairstyle is that I will show you how I trim and cut the extensions for this hair to begin you want to make sure that you use your hands to smooth all of the hair in a downward direction this will give you a clear idea as to where you want to make your cuts or trim your style also make sure to use a good pair hair cutting scissors so you can have a clean cut when you're decided to cut certain section so far the back of my head I want to make sure that I use the scissors to cut the hair a little bit above my shoulders the reason why is because the more your hair brushes against your shoulders or any part of your body the more likely it is to become knotted and tangled so I wanted to make sure to do a pretty good trim around that area and for any extra thickness that I may not like as much or any strands of hair that hang awkwardly in certain directions I will use my scissors to trim as needed so to begin you want to make sure that you have your scissors ready but before you actually cut your extensions you need to make sure to smooth your hair down in all directions to clearly see where you need to make adjustments some just to use my hands and I am simply going to just brush all the hairs forward and to the sides where it naturally lays so right now just running my fingers through the individual pieces of hair to get it to lay as flat and neat as possible and also at the same time that I'm doing this I’m taking out a couple of tangles so I can really see how long certain parts of the extensions are so now all of the hair down and is going to know some of the hair away from a high just a little bit so I can see and then I'm going to use my scissors to trim across any area where the hair brushes on my back or at the top of my shoulder so as I smooth down to see how long it goes is going to take the scissors and I'm going to snip the very ends you want to make sure to just snip a little bit at a time because if you snip too much hair you have to deal with whatever length you cut so make sure that you carefully you overestimate how short you actually want it so if you do make a mistake of cutting too high it's not too high for where you actually wanted it to be so even though I wanted it tio be a little bit higher I'm barely skimming the bottom just to make sure if I want to go any higher it it is hard for you to see your hair as your cutting my best suggestion is to get a tall stand up mirror that's in front of you and behind you so you can see where the hair falls all directions so right now just gone based off just how I naturally always do my hair just kind of went down the back to see where falls and then I trim when needed some have a pretty good length in the back it barely brushes my shoulders and that’s because I really don't want to go in me much shorter than what I have so now I am just going to trim these last few bits on the side and now this is actually the moment where you will shape how your latch hook crochet style looks so if you want the hair to go outward at an angle you want to make sure that you cut layers that come inward towards your chin so you will start at the top and you want to make angles go in really sharply to make your hair stand out in a fashion but if you just want to just kind of be well-rounded then just slightly trim around the edges and smooth the hair down and then fluff it out to see exactly how it shapes so as you can see I have a piece that sticks way out too far and I have just some sections that just need to be molded just a little bit more so I am just going to take my scissors and I'm going to trim accordingly remember to just trim off a little bit at a time some work on the side and I'm going to save the middle for last as is the place where really want to take my time as I trim the hair some I’m just barely trimming the ends because I can't want to round this out just a little bit so now just brush the last final piece of hair all the way down front of my face and then carefully trim any areas where I want to even it out or shape and mold it so I am going to cut a little bit right around the bottom of my nose a little bit here and then I'm going to start skimming over the actual top strands in this step I show you how I cut and trim my hair for my latch crochet style to begin the first make sure that you generally cut how long you want the hair to actually fall down and I want the hair to fall right above my shoulders that your desire all the way around the bottom you want to use your scissors to shape the way your actual style looks so if you want it to be rounded and I suggest that you just cut off the very snips into a round circular shape but if you are a very extreme cut to even go on angle you have to cut very sharply all the way along the bottom of your hair you choose to shape your hair just use your scissors to cut off small amounts at a time until you reach your look that you would like so in the next step, step number five I will show you the finished results of the latch Hook crochet hairstyle


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