How To Safely Take Down Micro Zillion Braids Tutorial Part 8 of 8

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Now it’s time to take down or uninstall your Zillion Micro Braids. If you would rather sport your hairstyle for another couple of days or even weeks feel free but remember to take care of your hair.

When I wear any type of hair style, it is a MUST that I add moisture to my hair at least once a week. I use my spray bottle concoction to add moisture to my hair. Remember to release your braids out of a pinned style at least once a week to add some moisture to your hair.

If your hair requires less moisture, that's fine. Do to your hair what your hair needs because if you let conditions worsen, your hair ends up paying for it. When taking down your Zillion Micro Braids all you have to do is unravel them from the bottom and work your way up.

Sometimes I like to cut of the very bottom of the braids because the curled ends can become extremely interlocked which makes it hard to take them down. If you are sure or unsure as to whether or not where your hair ends along the braids, take them down with your hands until you are comfortable with cutting the ends to speed up the process.Its really easy and simple and once you get the technique down, you will be addicted to the ease of this style!


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Welcome to step number eight the micro zillion braids in this that I will be showing you how to safely remove and take down your micro braid extensions for this step you will be using your hands in a pair of scissors to help you take down your braids when taking down your micro zillion braids the entire process is extremely easy I will be showing you how to take down your braids with two of my micros that I have here for demonstration purposes and to help you to clearly understand and see exactly how to take down your braids I will only be doing two braids but the process and the technique that goes along with taking down your hair you do the same thing over your entire head until all of your braids have been removed so first I will be starting off with this braid here and I am just going to separate those to that at the curl together so what does right here what you want to do is clearly defined where your hair is inside of the braid now it's hard to tell where your hair in along braid and it's hard for you to see I suggest that you take the entire braid down by hand but if you are 100% confident that your hair ends at a certain point then feel free to go ahead and cut a couple of inches below that point just to make sure but I highly suggest that if you clearly cannot see where the ends of your hair are from the braid that you go ahead and take down the entire braid by hand so here is my first braid I see that my hair sticks of your over time is your style his older you will start to see that some of your hairs want to come out of the braid and this is normal so I see that my hair ends here so what I am going to do is go double that length down my braid and cut at a safe distance as I take down my micro braid so I'm going to cut here and now I am just going to use my hands and I am going to unravel the braid all the way up to the root of my hair sometimes when you get close enough to the root you can actually grab one of the legs of the braid and wiggle it off from your hair but if it feels like it's still really tight just be careful and continue to take your braid all the way down so there you have it you do the same technique over your entire head until all of your braids have been taken down if in fact you feel that you've cut your hair make sure to grab your braid at the point where you have started and then put it back up to your scalp to check and see if you actually cut your hair some so I’m just going to put that back to my scale and stretch out the weave itself and as you can see I clearly cut all the way past my hair this is my hair here and this is the weave but make sure that if you cannot see your hair that you take the braids down by hand this ensures that you will not accidentally cut your hair while you are taking down your micro braids once again a little bit closer I will be showing you how to take down your micro braids so make sure that you have your scissors in hand and that you are only concentrating on one braid at a time so now for my second example I have my braid here and from this braid its kind of hard to tell exactly where my hair sticks out of the braid I know its somewhere generally in this area but just to be safe I'm just going to go ahead and take down this entire braid by hand Im just going to locate the braid all the way to the very bottom and then am going to start to unravel as I get close to the roots of my hair when you're taking down your hair is best to do it in a non-pressure time and space if you have somewhere to be very soon I do not suggest that you take down your hair because you will rush or even accidentally cut your real hair one thing that I like to do when I am taking down my braids and I know it will probably take me a while is to simply pop on a movie that I've been wanting to see or just to watch a funny TV show something to keep me busy and make this time enjoyable as I am taking down my braids the more you know your hair and you are used to your hair length you can estimate how far your hair is and you could if you would like to go ahead and cut all of your braids so that you can start taking them down but what I like to do most of the time is only concentrate on one braid at a time cut it at a comfortable length that I feel comfortable at and then take it down by hand sometimes you can even use a cob and simply just come your way all the way up your braid if that's what you would like to do as well but by using your fingers your more gentle on your hair and you ensure that you don't lose a lot of strands of hair and that your safely taking down your braids and also remember that the fact that you may have had your braids in for a while when you're taking down your hair you will notice that strands will come out you shed at about 80 to 100 hairs a day so if you're taking on your hair don't be frightened that oh I'm losing strands and that is perfectly normal for now I'm getting close to the root I'm just separating each piece as I've done from the bottom is sometimes I can kind of wiggle the peices of the weave and it comes all the way down off of my hair in this step I have shown you how to take down and remove your micro zillion braids make sure to keep my tips in mind as you are removing your extensions also check out our videos blogs and online store and thanks for watching


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