How To Braid Micro Braid Extensions BETTER Part 3 of 8

Breanna Rutter


The Hair Supplies you need to achieve The Micro Braids Tutorial Hairstyle, you will need as follows;


When braiding your Zillion Micro Braids extensions, make sure to take your time! I know it’s fun and even if you know what you are doing, you want to be careful with the way that you handle the hair on your head.

Be careful that when you braid your hair that it isn't to tight. Your extensions should feel snug with only a slight pull, if you feel uncomfortable, have headaches or pain, that is your scalp letting you know that the tension is unbearable.

Braiding the hair too tight does help the style last for a little bit longer but it also encourages hair loss which no one wants! You can reduce this greatly by braiding at a tightness that is comfortable for you.

So many times, I used to braid my hair too tight just to make it “last longer” and I would be hurting myself in the end.Take your time and stick to what you know works for you and keep working and practicing as your do your Zillion Micro Braids!


Welcome to step number three of the micro zillion braids I in this that I will be sharing six of my best tips tricks and advice for doing your micro braids number one beauty is not paying preventing hair loss and alopecia all my life I felt like beauty was pain every time I sat in a chair and got my hair braided or twisted up in that it always hurt it hut literally for weeks beauty is not pain because with pain, a lot of tragedy you want to make sure that when you are braiding your hair your hair is not to try shouldn’t feel sensitive it shouldn’t feel like your braids are too heavy and it definitely shouldn't feel uncomfortable when you're braiding your hair is simply hurts loosen your grip you want to keep your hair for as long as you can and putting too much tension on your hair will lead you to hair loss alopecia is such a problem with women in their hair because they're simply putting too much tension on their scalp if your head is hurting that is your body alerting you and warning you that there's some pain and tension going on that needs to be relieved if your braids in fact feel too tired or uncomfortable or too heavy make sure you losing your grip or simply use less hair for your braids tip number two braiding close to your roots when you braiding your hair this is your number one goal to make sure that your braids extremely impressed to be as close to the of your scalp is the closer you bring to the roots of your scalp the more fresher your style look now this may be an issue if you are new to this because the braids can sometimes can slide down the hair follicles because you're getting used to how grip the certain sections of extensions and your hair make sure that you retry the braid and get to as close to your roots as possible so that way it looks your hair has been partially done is looking your braids were done two weeks ago tip number three brick parting with your parting your hair is always best to part your hair into the fashion that bricks lay to ensure that you cover up as much scalp as possible most times when I will have issues with their braids are full and thick but why does feel like but why does my scalps show so much to my braids one of the issues is simply that you probably need to add more hair to your braids and since I have been showing your how you part your hair into sections so I have been parting my hair into brick sections and I will show you exactly what that looks like so here on the side of my head I will show you how your parts me to look or your braids need to look for brick parting is going to remove one of the layers here and flip it over to show your section of braids that directly shows brick parting so here on one of my layers I have a braid here and right above that braid I have two braids so instead of one braid been stacked on top of one another I have the braids that are shifting even slightly to the left or the right so that braids fill up empty space and so here I can show you an example again I have to braids here and they write about this braid I have another braid that lays directly in that space and that's called brick parting and brick layering and as you can see that covers up any scalp that was showing which makes more of a fuller braid look tip number four creating longer braids this is an extremely easy and quick tip to do adding length to your braids if you would like braids that are extremely long you can simply leave the back of hair that is all cut and braid to the very bottom since we can't hair and had already predetermined how far down your braids going to be when you make sure that you directly have your hands placed in the middle of your section of hair so that two of the sides are equal this already gives you the length that you need or want so if I pinch this here and put it right at the root of my hair and stretch the hair downwards it tells me exactly how far my hair falls as you can see my braids are a lot longer than hair the that I have here so the way that you add mmoe hair to your braids is to simply shift the hair to make sure that one side and the other side are a little bit longer than what it appears to be so for example I will show you as if I'm going to demonstrate a braid I'm going to divide the third and two thirds from the hair and this time is that make sure both sides are pretty much equal I'm going to shift the side so that one of the sides are a little bit longer so if you see this one piece of hair here I'm pinching the top part where is the left side shorter than the right side is longer and I'm going to do the same thing with my second piece of hair to make sure that there equal to one another by having a short side and a long side so now I'm pitched in this position to is not entirely equal on all lengths and want to wrap it around that piece of hair so with my hair into my sections and I shifting both sides of the only of the hair now my brain will actually be a lot longer than what so where is that now you can go right your scalp and hold it there as if it's a braid stretch your hands-down the hair and now it matches the length of your braids so that how you add links to your braids to simply divide hair to have in is that make sure that all of the hair is equal in the bottom shift both sides so that it actually creates more length at the bottom tip number five snipping the frayed ends previously shown you instead to make sure to snip your frayed ends and any hair that sticks out of your braids to your frays and you simply want to grab one of your braids and quickly examined to see where any hair stick out there any hair sticking out the side of your braids or sticking out the bottom of your braid you are going to carefully take your scissors is along the sides to where the hair sticks out is an extremely easy and simple by snipping your frayed ends and this creates more of a uniform and perfect braid last but not least 10 number six practice this is by far one of my most important things that I have to offer you and it is my most overlooked tip of the all remember practice makes perfect most times when people try something especially doing braids for the first time you don't get it usually your first time is a worse time because you're new to the entire concept by knowing how to braid your hair what to do how to avoid common mistakes you have to continue to practice at this craft please do not discourage your frustrated and quit because the more you practice that doing your hair in the morning but in experience and time and patience the more you will be able to do a very beautiful micro braid extensions so remember in order to get better the only way you can get better at doing your braids is practicing so there you have it six of my best tips and tricks for doing your micro billion braid extension in the next step, step number four I'll show you how to do your micro braids in a rush


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