How To Seal The Ends Of Your Cornrow Braids With Hot Water Tutorial Step 4 of 7

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As you are finish braiding your hair for your Cornrow French Braids with Weave, next you will be curling the ends of your hair. Usually the hair that you use to achieve this twist style is synthetic so it is not best advice to use your curlers or a curling wand to curl the ends of your cornrow/french braid extensions. Adding heat from a curling iron can potentially melt the extensions or the curl from the curling iron may not give you your best curl result for this style.

It is best to use very thin to medium plastic curling rods to achieve those ringlet curls at the very ends of your braids. You must roll the ends of your cornrows in the cold water rods and dip the ends in hot water. Be careful and avoid dripping hot water on yourself and avoid burning your scalp with hot steam.

Once you thoroughly dry off the braid extensions, you can unravel the rods and let your curl hang loose. After you curl all of your braids run your fingers through to separate the ends of the cornrows and to trim away any flimsy ends.


Welcome to step four of the French braid cornrows style with weave in this that I will be showing you how to curl the ends of your braids first I will show you the type of rollers to do so and then I will show you safe practices when curling the ends of your braids to curl the ends of your braid extensions you will be using plastic hair rollers to do so the technical name for these rollers are called cold water wave rollers we will be rolling the ends of braids and dipping them in hot water to achieve a curly look I will be using two different sizes of rollers simply because when you use one consistent size of roller throughout your entire head you increase the chance of your curls clumping and forming together all of curls to be distinct and separate so that is why I will be using two separate size rollers the blue rollers are a 4th inch in size and the white rollers are a half inch in size when you are rolling the ends of your braids to achieve the curl I suggest that you use hair rollers at the Max an inch in size the reason why is because usually when you use bigger rollers to curl your hair with hot water the rollers will lay flat for it won't stay as long as what you hoped for so the smaller size a roller is the title of the car will be and also the longer amount of time the curl will actually last so for the perfect of curl combination I will be using a 4th inch roller and a half inch roller to roll my hair so to curl the ends of your braids we will be using both size rollers you can start off with a small roller or you can start off with a half inch roller in size which ever you start with you want to continue the same pattern throughout your entire braids so if your first braid is with a small roller in the next braid needs to be with your bigger roller and then you will just continue to repeat the pattern so that there mix-and-match along the way so far as I will just go ahead and pick one and start off with a small roller so now you are going to take this plunger peice and grab your first braid my suggestion when you are curling the ends of your extensions is to only curl up about a third of what the braid that is left at the bottom so just go grab my first braid and explains you little bit more so you probably maybe see how long my braid is and what you want to do is slide your fingers down to give you a marker of the third bottom part of your braid so when I stopped about here I'm about two thirds down my braid and the braid at the bottom is about a third of what my braid length is so where my fingers are is a marker and how far up you want to go the reason why is because when you dip the ends of your braids in hot water you don't want to rollers up to too far close to your neck because the steam could potentially burn you or the hot water itself can potentially burn you so its always safe to make sure you go two thirds of the way down your extensions and let that be a marker of how far up you will go on your braid so now you just want to take your roller and you can position it where the piece kind of hangs to this side or that side it honestly doesn't matter so just going to take the roller and I am going to put it at the front of the braid so you grab the tail end of your braid and place your roller firmly there and I like to position it in a middle it doesn't really matter just as long as you roll the braid so just in a position if they are and then I'm going to wrap its tail end around until it's completely wrapped around the roller when I bring this tail end and back around the roller I want to make sure that is positioned directly behind this braid simply because when I continue to roll the braids the very tip will be tucked in as well so now that I have the tail and positioned directly behind the braid I'm just going to roll it straight up and roll my entire roller just be sure to roll the braids as flat as possible as you can do to you get about a third of the way up from the bottom so that's about how far I want to go and not I am just going to take the end of the plunger of my roller is inserted onto the other side of my roller in our my first braid has been rolled do the same process over the rest of your braids but make sure to follow a pattern of small roller the roller small roller big roller next I'll show you how to actually curl the ends of the hair with hot water okay so now that you have roll the ends of your braids with your plastic rollers we are going to curl the ends of our braids before you call the ends of your braids just know that you have to be extremely careful when dealing with hot water simply because the steam itself can burn you or the hot water can spill on you and burn when I curl the ends of my extensions I use a big bowl of hot steaming water and I dump all of the ends of my braids or twist into the water now I have been doing that for a long time but I suggest that especially if you are beginning to only use a small amount of water at once making sure to concentrate on what you need to concentrate if you are not careful you could hurt yourself with hot water so just know that your safety and your health is in your hands and you must be extremely careful so I suggest is that you use a couple of water in only a small amount of water as you can see I do not fill it to the top because I don't want unnecessary water to spill and also when you put the ends of your braids in the water it would naturally fill up because you adding more to the cup of water so use a cup that has a handle that does not have that anytime you need to grab your cup of hot water you want to reach for a handle that isn’t hot also you make sure that you have a towel with you so that you can dry the ends of you once you pull the ends of your braids out of the water the hot water or the steam could really bother you so you use your towel for protection and also to dry off any hot water on your braids so now that you have all of them roller on one side and I just divided it equal so I can have two bunches to concentrate on so what you want to do when you going to curl your hair is make sure that you're not leaning on the surface where you water is simply because if I put all of my weight on my table or wherever my water may be it's a possibility that I could shake the cup and the water could just spill on it so what you want to do is make sure that you're clearly away from the surface and you’re not dependent by leaning on a surface where your water is you want to grab the side of the braids you will be concentrating on and I will concentrate on the what you want to do when you lean in is not to dump them all at once but to bring them in one at a time also you want to make sure that you lean your head at a slight angle so that because the steam rises directly up it will not burn your scale filing directly over my cup the steam it could really bother me so just lean to the side and also make sure your towel is in front of you so when you pull your braids out the steam and water will not drip on your skin so just going to rest my towel here make sure do not lean on my table grab my braids lean to the side and dip them in one at a time so after you have put your section braids into the water just pushed him down as far as you can without touching the water grab your braids and just dump them down further in the water to release any air bubbles so that the hair is as saturated as possible next what you want to do is grab your towel and make sure to cover the front of you because when you pull the rollers out of the water the steam will come up and the water will drip so with my towel already positioned in front of me I'm going to lift my head up slightly grab my braids and guide myself to my towel so as I'm pulling these rollers out the towel in front of me and I know the water will not drip on me so I am just going to come for take my towel in wrap it around the twists makes you just want to squeeze the rollers to make sure you get as much water out you possibly can the towel will feel warm but it will not be hot if the towel is extremely hot I suggest that you grab a thicker towel so that you will not feel the hot water from your braids so after about squeeze them enough and is open is up to make sure there is no dripping water and it looks good you can tell their steam coming from my braids but since you squeezed all the water out it's not as hot and what it originally was so now next with the side that I've already dried off and want to unravel one twist at a time and snip the frayed ends for a beautiful curls so just take one of the rollers carefully take the plunger often then just unroll your curl so now if you're in look a little bit unruly take the scissors and snip the ends that need to be snipped and repeat the same process for all of your rolled curls curl in the next step I will show you the results of your cornrow French braid with weave

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