How To Maintain Havana Twists / Marley Twist Hair Tips & Advice Tutorial 3 of 8

Breanna Rutter


To achieve this Havana Twist Hairstyle, you will need these hair supplies as follows;


(10) Packs of Marley/Havana Twisting Hair Extensions

Rat Tail Comb

Hair Comb

Water Spray Bottle

Hair Scissors

Hair Gel

Duck Bill Clips

Blue Cold Wave Hair Rollers

Bobby Pins

Dry Towel


Maintaining your Havana Twists of Marley Twists is simple and easy.


Most people are afraid to wear hair extensions and weave because they are not sure as to how to take care of their hair underneath their style when in fact, it is really easy to do.


You can still shampoo, condition, and moisturize your hair in Havana Twists just as you can do the same with washing your hair in Box Braids, Senegalese Twists, and even Micro Braids and Sewins.


As stated in the video, the trick to keeping your hair moisturized and healthy within your install is to water down all of your hairstyling products to effectively clean your hair and scalp and moisturize your hair.


Using and applicator bottle with added water to your products is a great way to distribute your shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizer onto your hair and scalp without leaving behind product buildup.


Applicator Bottle


Once you have finished washing and conditioning your Havana Twists, squeeze each twist really good with a thick t-shirt or dry towel and then seal your twist with your oil of choice.


Hair butters are optional to use but a liquid oil like coconut oil or olive oil would be a better choice for sealing in moisture.


Coconut Oil

Olive Oil


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Here we are in step number 3 of the Havana twists hairstyle and in this step I will be sharing with you some tips on how to maintain your Havana twist hair while also simultaneously caring for your real hair as well so I will be answering a couple of questions that you may have about this style and also give you some tips on how to care for your hair a very important question that you may have in regards to this Havana twist hairstyle is that you wonder how long does it actually take to do and this could be because you really don't have much time to commit to doing your hair or you do have time to commit but you're just really curious as to know because you may want to move want other things and we know that doing our hair can take a long time depending on the style your achieving when it comes to getting Havana twist in your hair it can take anywhere from 3 hours to 8 hours now 3 hours is usually the professional time in a sense that it would take to do your twist this is the timeframe that it is for someone who is very fluent in doing Havana twist that can do them very quickly and were used to doing the style for me personally it took me 4 hours to do and I have a few breaks so you can say is it take about 3 hours but for someone with a beginner or you may be little bit better than a beginner it can take you from a span anywhere between 3 to 8 hours if it takes you longer to do the style that’s fine the purpose of doing the style is to achieve the very look that you want if this is to be taken way longer than what you have time for it becomes very frustrating I suggest that you do your Havana twist bigger but if you don't like the look of doing the bigger you simply have to be patient everyone doesn't go at the same time I may go really fast according to some people what others may think I may go very slow because of the way they like to do their hair it's all up to your preference if you want your Havana twist to be bigger it will take you less time to do the style you want them smaller is to have more time so say for instance you like Havana twist but you would rather have them half the size of my twist it's probably going to take double the amount of time of what you normally would do and if this is your very first time doing them you don't know how long it's going to take because you're a beginner so my suggestion as far as how long does it take to do typically speaking anywhere from 3 to 8 hours depending on the length of your twist the thickness of your twist and your skill level another very important question that you may have been wondering when it comes to your Havana twist is how long can you actually keep the twist in once again your head of hair is different from mine so this varies from person to person if you have an extreme hard time dealing with frizz when it comes your hair you will notice that as time goes on your styles to get a little bit more frizzy than someone else my friends level is very moderate I hardly ever have problems with risk and using gel is a great thing you want to put on your hair to help with your frizz with your styles but typically speaking it can take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks before your style starts to get a little bit old now I know 2 weeks sounds like a very short amount of time you just got your twist and it's only been 2 weekends why the time to take them down already is because you probably don't sleep with a silk scarf in your head a silk scarf will keep your hair protected at night that is why is really important when you do go to bed that you were a silk scarf on your head or silk bonnet or use a silk pillowcase because cotton will cause your head to friends as is taking moisture out of your hair so the reason why I say the least amount of time is about 2 weeks is because sometimes some people go to bed and don't cover their hair or they don't continue to keep their hair moisturized throughout the life of the style now also it could take 6 weeks at the longest amount of time is what I prefer that you keep your twist in which is about a month and a half now you can go 2 months it's all up to how your hair looks if your hair looks fabulous all way up to 3 months keep your twist in you don’t have to take them out you don't want to but at that moment of about a month or little bit past the time it starts starting to look a little bit crazy so that's about the span of time that I would suggest that you keep your twists in and you can always retouch them up if by the time you're not ready to take them out for you want them to look a little bit more fresh so a quick little tip you can do to help your twist last even longer is to take the twist around the edges of your hair line or the area that's most exposed and they redo them your style will look 100% new so the final most very important aspect in regards to your Havana twists is how to maintain the hairstyle how do you maintain your hair while it in this style and how do you maintain the twist so that they look as fresh as neat as possible and the best way to maintain your Havana twist hairstyle or let alone any of the hairstyle like Senegalese or box braid is to continue the same haircare routine that you always do nothing changes yes you have extensions on your hair but your real hair still requires the same amount of attention that you have done all the time so whether your hair is in twist or not do the same thing normally do so say for example you have your twists in for about 3 weeks but you always watch her hair every single week religiously that's exactly what you're going to do the only difference is that everything that you put on your hair is watered down so with your shampoo what you want to do is dilute the shampoo with water you to squirt your shampoo on your scalp however you like to apply to your scalp you going to gently massage her scalp with your fingertips just like you do when you're washing your hair when you're watching her hair normally without any extensions in it just free hair you never scratch her scalp to wash your hair you always using finger pads and the same thing applies your havana twist with just use your diluted shampoo squirted all over your parts a little bit on the twist itself and just massage her scalp you don't have to do so roughly because the debris or any buildup will come off very easily so after you shampoo your hair the next step is to condition you do the same thing you always do use your same conditioner if you like to condition your hair or co wash your hair every week or every couple of days do that why you're wearing your extensions to keep your hair as moisturizers it normally is so when you use your conditioner water it down and the reason why you watered down all of your products such as your shampoo your conditioner in your moisturizer is because if it's hard to get it all out of your hair if you took a regular amount of conditioner which is really thick and slippery and squirt it onto your hair it will be hard to make sure to get every little piece out every little evry little drip out and it would leave your hair feeling very sticky so what you want to do is watered down your conditioner just like you shampoo and condition your hair is normal you can deep conditioner why you have the Havana twisting your hair if that's what you normally do every week just do the same thing always done all of your product to be watered down to help reach your scalp wash through your twist back after you condition your hair you now have to apply some type of moisturizer so of you like to use a very thick Shea butter type moisturizer to lock in water into your hair to keep the moisturized it to put a little bit in your hands you going to gently rub your whole entire hand since these twist are big going to rub your hands all the way down to his new look to do so to every single twist to make sure that it's moisturized so nothing changes the only little small thing is different is that all of your products have been watered down to effectively wash her scalp in so that you can release all of the product so don't be afraid to wear this now because you don't know how you going to care for your hair the same thing applies if you only wash her hair maybe once a month then you can wear the stop with the whole entire month and then take it down to wash her hair or you can wear the style for 6 weeks by the 4th week Mark wash her hair with your watered-down shampoo so I hope all those tips and tricks is the only help you to achieve a keep that look for your Havana twists because there is no reason why you have to sacrifice healthy hair for beautiful so now that you have been loaded with tips and tricks and advice on how to care for your hair and what it takes to get the style done you're well on your way to achieving this look in maintaining your real hair underneath your extensions so in the next step, step number 4 I will show you how to twist the back of your head as you are doing your Havana twists


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