How To 2 Strand Twist Out on Short Natural Hair Tutorial Part 1 of 4 - Supplies

Breanna Rutter


In Part 1 of The Two Strand Twist Out Tutorial, I inform you of all the products that you will need to achieve this style.


To achieve this style, you will need as follows;

Duck Bill Clips

Hair Comb

Afro Pick

Hair Oil (Olive Oil)

Water Spray Bottle


With the supplies that are mentioned above, you will be able to achieve a very beautiful defined twist out.


Twist outs are easy because you don’t have to braid to achieve them!


Also, you can make your natural hair twists lay in the fashion that you desire depending on how you choose to set your twists.


When you are doing any style to your hair, you have to make sure to moisturize and seal.


If your hair is dry when going into this style, it will be even drier than before when the time comes to do a different hairstyle.


Using hair gel for you hair helps to give the twists a little bit more stiffness as it dries so that you can wear your twist out style for a longer period of time.



Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter from and for the style I will be teaching you how to do the twist out hairstyle this style will be done on natural hair since I have natural hair but the styles also great for those who may have relaxed hair or maybe transitioning with their hair as well also note that the tighter you want your ringlets to be you want your hair to be wet for that achieved the look so if you want more of a relaxed or looser ringlet you want to do so and dry here in the tighter your ringlet will look will depend on how wet your hair is so you can do so on damp hair or freshly washed hair when it is most wet so the materials that you will need to do this twist out hairstyle will be a water spray bottle to mist your hair as needed you will also need a hair comb and you will need and afro to help you detangle your hair into part your hair in sections you will also need some type of oil to seal moisture in your hair so I will be using olive oil and lastly you want to use hair clips to keep your hair sectioned as you are twisting your strands to want to have all of your supplies and materials ready in the next step, step number two I will show you in detail step-by-step how to do your twist out hairstyle


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