Yarn Wraps Maintenance | How To Take Care of Your Yarn Dread Hairstyle (Tutorial Part 3 of 6)

Breanna Rutter


In The Yarn Wraps / Yarn Locs Tutorial, Breanna Rutter informs you of all the products that you will need to achieve this particular hairstyle!


To achieve the Yarn Wraps Hair Style, you will need as follows;

(4) Spools of 100% Acrylic Yarn
Wide Tooth Detangling Comb
Rat Tail Comb
Bobby Pins
Duck Bill Clips
Hair Cutting Scissors
Measuring Tape


Yarn Locs is an advanced hairstyle because you have to know how to do Yarn Braids to understand how to follow along with this Yarn Wraps Tutorial.


Purchase the Yarn Braids DVD to prepare you for this advanced hairstyle!

Yarn Braids DVD


To follow this Yarn Locs Tutorial, you want to make sure that the yarn you purchase for your Yarn Wraps is 100% acrylic yarn because this is the only yarn that is safe for this Yarn Wrap Style. You can purchase your yarn in any color of choice if you want to have yarn locs with color or you can match the color of the yarn close to your natural hair color. Make sure that you have all of your hair supplies listed above to do this hairstyle on your own hair.


Breanna Rutter talks through the process of yarn wraps maintenance. Many who want to know how to do yarn locs wraps stop in their tracts because they may not understand washing yarn locs to keep their hair and scalp healthy, cleansed and moisturized. Follow along with Mrs. Rutter's tips on hair care and use applicator bottles to assist you with your hair care regimen while wearing your yarn wraps hairstyle.

Applicator Bottles


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Welcome to step number three of the yarn wraps hairstyle in this that I'm going to be giving you some haircare maintenance as suggestions to help you to care for your real hair and the look of your hairstyle as well the very first tip that I want to share is to make sure to implement a haircare regimen so the same ways that you usually take care of your hair when you're not wearing extensions is a similar way you are going to care for your hair while wearing extensions in the same products that you use when caring for your real hair are the same exact products going to use to care for your hair by when you are wearing your yarn wraps in order to use the same products you want to make sure that you bring them down to a watery consistency or a more of a liquid consistency so that way taking care of your hair like washing and shampooing conditioning is a lot easier for instance you are going to use an applicator bottle for each product to dilute a little bit of the product to help you with using it on your hair so things like your shampoo your conditioner you leave in conditioner moisturizer or even of oil sealant you are gonna make sure to bring them down to watery consistency that so that you can use them so in each bottle add a little bit of its own products with water so that way you can wash and cleanse your hair as usual so in order to shampoo your life you want to do is use your applicator bottle with your shampoo is already the water down gently squirt it on your scalp and on your locks and focus on using the pads of your fingers to gently massage your parting this is all you need to do to cleanse your scalp is just to gently massage with the pads of your fingers to free any debris such as product buildup or dandruff and then to clean your locks you are going to do the same thing you just going to run the shampoo through the locks you going to gently squeeze down your locks to make sure that the shampoo runs all the way down and then to rinse out the shampoo since it's already a watery consistency going to be super easy you just run lukewarm water gently over your scalp and over your locks and gently squeeze your locks to make sure you freed all of it from your shampoo and then for the same your conditioner apply it to your locks and squeeze the conditioner down and one with a little bit of water to make sure you clear all the conditioner out of your locks for you moisturizer you going to do the same thing but the difference is you only really need to focus on making sure that your visible hair is coated with moisturizer and then to make sure to keep the rest of your hair moisturize that in your actual locks you want to use your oil sealant so I do suggest that you add a little bit water into a little spray bottle container where oil is in and shake it really good and spray longer locks by not using 100% oil on your hair your locks will not be oily because it has a little bit of water mixed in which will only give you a little bit of oil that you need a longer locks that they don't look greasy and at the same time you're still feeling moisture into your hair my second tip that I'm going to suggest is that you want to make sure to thoroughly dry your locks this is super important especially when you're washing your hair or wearing extensions because if you don't free your hair of any extra moisture it can lead to mold or even mildew you don't want to experience that it's horrible I have heard a lot of horror stories about people who suffer from this in its simply because you have to thoroughly dry your hair especially with this kind of style it can hold a lot of water if you do not thoroughly dry so the best way to dry is not to air dry but to use a hooded dryer or a bonnet dryer about it dries a little bit more affordable than a hooded dryer because with this gadget is kind of flimsy is very flexible so that way you can expand the hood and put over your head and tie it with this attachment and then on the opposite holes you can plug up your blow-dry and actually blowdry all of your hair make sure to gather all of your locks high up on your head so that way you can thoroughly draw your locks as well as your hair as well then my last and final tips for making sure to maintain look of this style is that when you go to bed to go to bed with a silk scarf or a silk bonnet and the reason why you have to do this is because silk is going to preserve the look of your hair because it's want to limit the friction placed on your hair especially your hair line so to make sure that your locks don't get frizzy in the look smooth as silk is of the best material to wear on your hair will going to bed if you have a cotton scarf for cotton pillowcases do not lay directly on them without covering your head with a silk scarf or a silk bonnet that you can even sleep on a silk pillowcase it works perfectly fine so when you're going to bed just use a large hair tie to tell you are hair into a really big updo ponytail and then you can go to bed with a breeze so as long as you're wearing a silk scarf for some types of silk material your hair is going to protect your hair line and is going to stop your locks from looking frizzy so those are all of my haircare tips for maintaining the look of the style if you implement them all you can keep your scalp healthy your hair healthy as well as maintain the look of your yarn wraps so now in the very next step step number four I will be showing you the finished look of the yard wraps hairstyle


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