Quick Weave Glue In Tracks Tutorial Tips Part 3 of 6

Breanna Rutter


In The Quick Weave Glue In Extensions Tutorial, I inform you of all the products that you will need to achieve this style.

To achieve this style, you will need as follows;


(1) Pack of Human Hair Weft Extensions

Ethnic Manikin Head

Hair Bonding Glue

Hair Comb

Flat Iron

Hair Scissors

Hair Ties

Duck Bill Clips

Blow dryer

Hair Conditioner


When doing your Partial Quick Weave Hairstyle, there is some advice I must share with you.


To make sure that as you are performing this style on yourself, a manikin head, or someone else, you will know what to do to make sure that this hairstyle comes out FLAWLESS!


Below are the tips in word that I go over vocally in the video above.


Hair Tip #1 Glue Close To The Roots of Your Hair

Hair Tip #2 Double Check The Length Of Your Measured Track Weft Extension

Hair Tip #3 Apply When The Glue Is Tacky

Hair Tip #4 Always Apply In a U Shape Pattern


When gluing  on your hair extensions, make sure to take your time!


You want to be careful when you glue the weave unto your hair.


When you are gluing  your extensions on your head, your scalp should not be tender or hurt, that means that you are applying too much tension or heat onto your scalp and hair.


Take your time and keep working and practicing at creating your own Quick Weave Glue In Extensions!




Here we are in step number three of the partial quick weave hairstyle in this that I will be going over four of my best tips and methods for doing a flawless quick weave look tip number one apply your glued extensions close to the roots of your hair the reason why this is very important when doing your partial quick weave style is because this is the safest place you want to apply your glue you never want to apply glue directly on your scalp for a couple of reasons and the main reason is because this leads to hair damage when you apply glue directly onto your scalp this blocks your pores from receiving any oxygen and this stunts the growth of your hair follicles which leads to hair damage so when you apply glue directly to your scalp this causes a lot of discomfort because of the glue itself and this leads to a lot of damage onto your hair strands so remember that you always want to apply the glue just a little bit away from the roots of your hair so the reason why also you do not want to apply the glue directly at the roots is because this is where a lot of breakage can happen the rules and your scalp are the most important spaces of your hair and for the look of your style so what you want to do was make sure you go at least a couple of centimeters away from the roots of your hair to apply your extensions this allows for you to still have a healthy scalp and also for your hair follicles to thrive as you experience hair growth tip number two estimating your extension piece so as you part your layer to apply your extensions you of course always want to remain within half an inch on both sides of your hair line when you measure out your extension piece from side to side you want to snip off where you wanted and even though you've measured this piece you have to go and premeasure to make sure it falls appropriate to where you would like in some cases this might overextend past what you will want so just trim the extension down to fit appropriately where you would like it to be placed also if the extension piece is too short and it doesn't reach too far over you can continue to use that piece to apply the extension and then you can measure out a nether piece of extension to fit in the place to fit appropriately for your look tip number three apply when the glue is sticky so as I previously stated before when you have your extension piece you want to make sure that it is sticky or tacky to touch the reason why is because as soon as you apply your hair bonding glue this is a precious moment where glue could slide all the way down the hair strands on your extensions and on your real hair this is a big problem because when it's time to actually take down your style you have glue everywhere and this can lead to a lot of tangles and also a lot of times where you would actually have to cut your hair because it's hard to get the glue out that's why urgently and very important to make sure that the glue is only designated in certain areas that you would like when applying your glue onto extension piece make sure to blow-dry it until it is sticky to touch you don't want to completely dry because it needs to adhere to the hair but once it is a little bit tacky to your touch you want to apply the extension just a little bit away from the roots of your hair for your layer last but not least tip number four applying your extensions in a u part fashion as you are parting your hair to apply your extensions onto your hair you always want to make sure that your hair is parted in a U-shaped part this will allow the best versatility and look for your style the reason why is because naturally our hair works best when I extensions are installed in a U-shaped fashion so that way we could where our hair down or where are hair up if you were to apply your extensions in a straight line all the way up to the top of your head this will give you a very awkward look when you want to wear your hair either in a ponytail or just resting down to your shoulders so by applying your extensions in a u part fashion this will give you a very flat ponytail you ever decide to wear your hair up and also when you wear your hair down your hair will look flat and your extensions will look undetectable so those are four of my best tips and methods for achieving a flawless partial quick leave look in the next step, step number four I will show you how I further blend the extensions and your real hair to complete your hairstyle


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