Quick Weave Cutting Layers & Blending Hair With Weave Tutorial Part 4 of 6

Breanna Rutter


In The Quick Weave Glue In Extensions Tutorial, I inform you of all the products that you will need to achieve this style.

To achieve this style, you will need as follows;


(1) Pack of Human Hair Weft Extensions 

Ethnic Manikin Head

Hair Bonding Glue

Hair Comb

Flat Iron

Hair Scissor

Hair Ties

Duck Bill Clips

Blow dryer

Hair Conditioner


Styling your Quick Weave Glue In Extensions is so fun because you can be as creative as you want to be!


You can do a light trim to decrease the length of your hair, trim to further blend your real hair with your extensions, or you can do an extreme hair cut like an asymmetrical bob or a pixie cut.


Also, if your hair is curly, to reduce the bulky or heavy look, you can cut the curls in layers.


When you cut/trim and style your Quick Weave Glue In Extensions, make sure to mentally note where your real hair is located.


Also, you don’t want to add unnecessary  tension on your hair when you only want to manipulate the weave extensions.


Take your time when you are styling your hair because you want to be proud of your work as you continually wear your Quick Weave Glue In Extensions!



Welcome to step number four of the partial quick weave hairstyle in this that I will show you how to further blend your extensions with your real hair we will begin by working our way from the back up to the top of our head we will take a layer of our real hair and use our flat iron to straighten out the section and then you will also trim the hair on your extensions to further blended with your real hair this is the moment where you will put the finishing touches on your style we will go section by section straightening out real hair and also using our scissors to trim the extensions to better blend with this look so now what I'm going to do is take my comb and help me to locate the direct back of the manikin head so I want to go from the layer that has the real hair on the outer edge up to my first extension that I installed so from this point you're going to lift up the hair and then you are going to place the hair into a ponytail and straighten out your real hair that's left the if your hair is already straight you can skip this step this step is not much to make sure that this letter blends with the extensions and then it lays flat as possible I will go through and run the client through the section of the real hair section by section so now that my flat iron is heated up I have combed a section of hair here that I will flat iron then you are going to continue to do so over your entire layer so now you are going to remove your band and comb your layer of extension piece over and also exposing some real hair that's between the two layers keep in mind to make sure that when you are going layer by layer that you are exposing your real hair if it's necessary for you to blend your real hair better with your extensions if you want to go for more of a wavy to look as always best to use wavy hair extensions to blend best with your hair but if your hair is already straight and you will like to go for a more straight look then use straight hair extensions like what use so even though the hair is already straightened and you can definitely make sure to go over with a pass on your flat iron so that it blends better and feels more smooth to touch because I am demonstrating on a mannequin head it's fine that I take my flat iron and apply heat directly onto the hair but if you are doing is onto your real hair I suggest that you use some type of heat protectant to spray onto your hair to protect your hair from heat this is definitely not necessary to give you a sleek look with your style but especially if you have naturally wavy hair you want to use some type of heat protectant to prevent your hair from becoming damaged as you continue to run your flatiron through sections of your hair once we have finished doing that process then we will go in with our scissors and trim off any necessary areas of extensions so that it can better blend with our style so once you finish running your flatiron through your individual sections of hair you are going to begin to trim the ends of your extensions so it can better match your hair texture or the length of your hair so when you are putting in your extensions you may just want to have extra fullness so what you want to do is going section by section and cut the ends to where it meets your real hair you never want to cut your hair to blend your hair with your extensions totally not necessary so if you only want to add more here for fullness go in section by section and trim your extensions to match the length of your real hair but if you want to do it for length leave everything as is but just barely trim off the very bits of your extensions so they can gradually look like your real hair so for example I'm going to show you on the side of the manikin head so as you can see right here I grab the section if hair here you can see bluntly where the real hair kind of stops somewhere in here in and then you have to make sure is left in the bottom the two totally different so what you have to do is take your comb and you want to part out a medium-size section side and use your clips to keep the rest of the hair out of the way so now what you want to do is comb the hair outward make sure is nice and even slightly downward so you can see the ends of the hair here you can see where your real hair is and then you can see the very long parts and those are the extension so what you want to do is take your scissors and lightly tram cutting at a 45° angle trimming off the little bits of the extension all the way down so now when you come here downward it blends a lot better and you can go back in and clean up more ends as necessary comb the hair outward and run your fingers down to you need for your real hair is to the extent the want to lightly trim down so we don't have to do much cutting onto the hair to make sure that it blends in with the extension because we want to keep the back longer for length only want to make sure that closest to the front of the head it blends better as you can see here so now we are going to work on the other side of the same come here downward with a focus on the front area here where the real hair sticks out from your extensions so just lightly trim downward to hair each other make sure not to cut your real hair and then release some I want to grab the next section here you want to do this on in the necessary areas you don't have to do is all over if you want to keep length in the back but if you just want fullness remember to go section by section and trim the extensions to match each layer of your hair in this step of the partial quick weave hairstyle I show you how to further blend your extensions with your real hair you want to start off in the back of your head and work your way towards the top using your flatiron to further blend your real hair with your extensions only if that is necessary also if you are going into the style to just have more thickness and volume with your hair go layer by layer and trim your extensions to match the true length of your hair only but in both case scenarios whether you just want added thickness or you want added length you want to skim along your hair line to trim your extension hair so it can gradually seem that the way of your real hair in the next step that number five I will show you the finish result to your partial quick weave hairstyle


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