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In this step of the Sew In With Leave Out Tutorial, Breanna Rutter will teach you how to easily add curls to your partial sew in weave! When curling your hair, smaller sections are best for tighter curls and bigger sections are better for looser curls. Before curling your hair, start with straightened hair for uniform curls. Breanna Rutter has relaxed 4c hair but similar results can be achieved with natural hair as well. When curling natural hair with your weave, make sure that your hair was previously straightened and then curl your natural hair with the curling wand. To avoid heat damage on your real hair as well as with Mrs. Rutter’s Hair Extensions, do not exceed 350° degrees when applying heat!


4 Mrs. Rutter’s Bundles Lengths: 26 in, 24 in, 22 in & 20 in
Black Nylon Sewing Thread
Weaving Needles (Curved C-Needle)
Weaving Net
Braiding Hair
Rat Tail Comb
Wide Tooth Comb
Dry Towel
Hair Cutting Scissors
Edge Control (Design Essentials)
Rubber Bands
Hair Holding Spray (Garnier Fructis Style Flexible Control)
Ponytail Holders
Duck Bill Clips
Flat Iron (Nano Titanium Babybliss PRO)
Heat Protectant (Garnier Fructis Marvelous Oil Frizz Defy)
1 inch Curling Wand (HSI Curling Tool)


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Welcome to step number five of the partial sewin hairstyle using Mrs. Rutter's hair extensions from for this step I am going to be showing you how to achieve a flawless high ponytail as well as how to add big curls to your new look as you can see if you implement the partial sew in technique that I have taught you can easily achieve a high ponytail that is flat and neat now I have already went ahead and created the high ponytail because it's very simple all you have to do is gather all of your hair at the top of your head and then tie it into ponytail to finish off with the sleekness be sure to use of hair gel or edge control to smooth down your hair so next I'm going to be showing you step by step to achieve curls on your sewin hairstyle as you can see my hair is almost finished I have one small patch of hair here in front of him will show you how to curl step-by-step now when you are curling your hair you are going to do the same process for each small section of hair the best way to curl your hair without other hairs falling in the way as you are curling is to keep all of your hair divided into three sections so you are going to have a section here a section here and a section in the back that you are going to keep separate with a clip work on one section of time to curl your hair so work on the left side and then the back portion and then your right side which I have left here so now I am going to show you how small you want your sections to be and also show you the technique of curling your hair what you want to do is make sure that your section is a pretty small and this is about how big your section should be about the size right here so use your clip to keep the hair out of the way make sure your section is detangled and then begin curling now with the way these curls are styled they are going towards the face so when you wrap the hair around has to come toward the face so what I mean by that is you want to grab with your dominant hand your section of hair and you want to make sure that the iron is pointing downward like this with your left hand and then you want to wrap the hair right up close to the base and continue to wrap it around so once you reach close to the tips it is going to hold here there you don’t want to get right onto the barrel as far as you fingers touching it because it may burn a little or feel a little bit too warm so you want a good distance away from the end so you hold this for about 10 seconds and then when you release you allow the curl to drop in your hand the reason why you want to do this is just so that you can hold the curl for a little bit because as it falls you want to make sure that it cooled down so that the ends are little bit more tighter so now I'm going to show you another section I am going to grab a small piece detangle it make sure the iron is pointing downward and wrap the hair going over the barrel so that way the hair is coming toward the face you see that its coming toward the face so that when you wrap it around and then as soon as you reach the end you are going to count for about 10 seconds and the release it into your hand now after you finish curling all of your hair you are going to start fluffing it out which is what I like to do because I like the hair look a little bit more bigger so after you're done curling you are going to fluff your curls out with your hands and then once you're done fluffing out you curls you are going to spray with hairspray to finish your look so now that all my hair has been curled I'm going to go in and began raking out the curls of my fingers if you want your curls to be a little bit more defined like this skip this step but if you want your curls be a little bit more loose and a little bit bigger I am going to show you how to do that so before I style like to put some heat protectant on my hands which is based with oils so that way as I am sliding my hands through my hair I'm adding more shine and I'm also limiting the frizz I do this so what you want to do when you're raking for your hair is start near the ends and the work your way up towards the top be sure to go really slow and take your time to the step because of you go to quickly you will create a lot of snags just because the hair has curls and if you create a lot of snags you will then create a lot of frizz and also you could ruin your curl so if you notice that you're having a difficult time slowdown and then just go little bit more slower for your section of hair so after I'm done raking this out I will show you how it looks once it's finished after fluffing out my curls this is what my hair looks like Mrs. Rutter's hair extensions so this wraps up step number five as you can see achieving a high ponytail is very simple also when you're adding your curls your hair be sure to gently rake through to give you increased volume without the frizz so now that your hair has been styled in the very next that step number six I will show you the finished result to the partial sew in hairstyle


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