How To PROPERLY Take Down A Partial Sew In Tutorial – (Part 7 of 7)

Breanna Rutter


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In this step of the Sew In Hairstyle Tutorial, Breanna Rutter will teach you step by step how to take down your sew in WITHOUT HAIR DAMAGE!

Section off your real hair with duck bill clips to avoid accidently cutting your real hair! Open and close the blades of your scissors around the nylon thread binding the extensions to your weaving net. If you cannot see and safely cut off your thread from your sew in, ask a friend to assist you in this process. Working from the top to the back, remove all of your hair extensions first and then trim off weaving thread around your perimeter braid to release your weaving net!


4 Mrs. Rutter’s Bundles Lengths: 26 in, 24 in, 22 in & 20 in
Black Nylon Sewing Thread
Weaving Needles (Curved C-Needle)
Weaving Net
Braiding Hair
Rat Tail Comb
Wide Tooth Comb
Dry Towel
Hair Cutting Scissors
Edge Control (Design Essentials)
Rubber Bands
Hair Holding Spray (Garnier Fructis Style Flexible Control)
Ponytail Holders
Duck Bill Clips
Flat Iron (Nano Titanium Babybliss PRO)
Heat Protectant (Garnier Fructis Marvelous Oil Frizz Defy)

1 inch Curling Wand (HSI Curling Tool)


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Welcome to step number seven of the partial sew in hairstyle using Mrs. Rutter's hair extensions from in this step I'm going to be focused on teaching you how to safely take down your extensions from your real hair now here we are at the point where I'm going to be teaching you how to safely remove your hair extensions the very first thing you want to do is make sure that you use your duckbill clips to keep your real hair sectioned out of the way the reason why is because you don't want accidentally cut your real hair also if you have a hard time doing this on your all whether you can't really see what you're doing or you don't trust yourself during this process do not suggest that you use a friend to help you out so to begin my hair has already been section out of the way with duckbill clips them going to begin by cutting off the thread from the extension now the same way you going to be cutting off the thread that's attaching your extensions to your weaving net is the same way going to cut off the thread that's attaching your weaving net to your braids always start at the very top of your head and work your way backwards because it's the easiest instead of working at the back of your head on up so here we are to begin grab your scissors and began cutting the thread at the very top of your head the easiest way to do this is to first locate which extension you want to be cutting and I am going to be cutting this once and once you locate your thread you are going to slide your scissors on anything you going to make your cut and that is it for the partial sewin hairstyle using Mrs. Rutter's hair extensions from if you enjoyed this tutorial be sure to check out for other hairstyling tutorials also for your hair extension needs be sure to purchase your Mrs. Rutter's hair extensions from thank you so much for watching


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