Box Braids On White Girls

Breanna Rutter


Samantha wants to know if her frizzy hair will stay smooth while trying box braids for the first time!


Hair Tip #1 Deep Condition Your Hair Before Installing Braids


It's important that you hair has been moisturized to prevent dry hair and frizzy hair while wearing your single plaits. If you want to safely add color with your single braids, you can do your box braids with color braiding hair.


Colored Braiding Hair


Hair Tip #2 Trim Any Damaged Ends To Prevent Frizz and Puffy Braids


This is very important and necessary even though you are doing box braids on Caucasian hair because damage hair will become exposed through your braids and also your hair will continue to split and break making your damaged hair worse.


Here is more information on how to trim your damaged splitting ends


Hair Tip #3 Braid Hair While Damp and Product Free With Toyokalon Braiding Hair


This is necessary for doing box braids on thin hair as well as for white hair because hair predominately of this grade is silky and shiny so braiding on damp hair will give you neat results as well as your choice of braiding hair. Use toyokalon braiding hair to do your single braids hairstyle for your best results!


Toyokalon Braiding Hair

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Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of one of my most popular books the natural hair Bible and founder of for this video I will be answering a question or an email that was sent to me by Samantha, Samantha emailed me telling me that she is ready to try box braids for the first time and she wants to know how to prevent them from being poofy or frizzy especially considering the back that she has Caucasian hair so thank you Samantha for your email I'm excited for you to try your box braids for the first time I'm going to give you some tips that I wanted to incorporate when doing so the very first thing that I want to suggest is that you want to make sure that before starting a braids that you deep condition your hair the number one thing is what stop your hair from getting frizzy or poofy while wearing this style in is if your hair has enough moisture has adequate moisture, moisture will prevent your hair from drying and frizzy over the place so the very first thing you are going to do of course is deep condition with your favorite deep conditioning product of choice now my second option I'm going to tell you as well as that got to make sure to trim your and ends if they are damaged or split ends oftentimes no matter how much you slick them down end up poking out of your braids so make sure that you trimmed off and frayed damaged or split ends so that way your hair will be seamlessly braided into your box braids now the very last tip that I'm going to suggest is that you are using the appropriate braiding hair now depending on if you braid on hair on not you also style as they usually have a preferred hair of choice that they like to braid with when doing box braids but to clear up any confusion or to also make sure the process is exactly what you want it to be got make sure that you're using the appropriate hair that will make sense for your texture now most Caucasian hair is usually very silky and shiny kanekalon hair is not silky in shiny it's frizzy it's poofy and it's a little bit more dull and it has she versus shines the best hair to use for Caucasian hair if it's silky and it's shiny is to use toyokalon braiding hair, toyokalon braiding hair is synthetic hair that is shiny and silky when you're braiding this hair to your hair you are not going to be of little difference between your hair and the extensions and that's the perfect hair you want to use don't want your want your roots to look silky and shiny and then your braids look kinky your little bit poofier or fuzzier or not as shiny as your real hair the best box braids no matter if you have Caucasian hair or not Caucasian hair you want to make sure that your extensions matches the texture and shine of your real hair this will give you your best results so thank you Samantha for your email and for else who's doing box braids for the first time I hope that this is helping was well and if you want any more information on box braids like how to install them or tips on haircare and things like that go to my website to check out more on this topic and as always thank you and also before any of you go make sure to sign up for my email list so that you can be automatically entered into my giveaways and also only their you can receive exclusive content so until then I'll see you all in my very next video


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