How Do I Get My Teeth White My Teeth Regimen

Breanna Rutter


Abigail asked this question out of curiosity so I hope this video helps you!


1st Answer: Brush Your Teeth Often!

Use a soft toothbrush to brush your teeth after every meal.

Soft Toothbrushes Here


2nd Answer: I hardly ever use teeth whiteners but if you need that extra help, here are the Top 5 Best Rated Teeth Whitners sold on

1st Whitener  | 2nd Whitener | 3rd Whitener | 4th Whitener | 5th Whitener


3rd Answer: Don’t drink acidic drinks! Or at least often ;D

I drink coffee from time to time but only with a straw.

Acidic drinks like orange juice, coffee, and soda will stain/yellow your teeth.

Drinking Straws Here


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 Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of the book the natural hair Bible and founder of so with these special vlogs I like to answer all of you guys questions that you send me via email and if you have any questions that you would like answer make sure to check out the description box below this video for additional information so without further ado let's get right into the question so this vlog is specifically for lady name Abigail, Abigail emailed me and she asked me to just out of curiosity why is your teeth so white and I didn’t realize I guess that my teeth was extremely white but I do take pretty good care of mighty so I have three ways to him but answer this question for you Abigail because there's some different things that I like to do to make sure that my teeth stay clean and white and the very first thing I do that so important that may seem like a rocket science to everybody is that simply brush my teeth that is what is most important and that's what I do to keep my team why we not brushing your teeth often expected to the white so is really really important that you just brush after every meal I know it seems a little annoying and you may not even be close to toothbrush at least drink some water to clear the debris from your teeth after every meal it's super important to brush your teeth and I highly suggest that you use a soft toothbrush I know it's really common that we use the medium bristle or medium strength tooth brush but that's really not healthy on your gums and on your enamel it's always best to use a soft toothbrush and below in the description box I will provide some links for you with the different products and materials that I'm talking about that can help you get your teeth white so the second part or second answer to this question of why keep my teeth so white is that I rarely use teeth whiteners now I know that's not really the answer to the question but if it has anything to do with or maybe help you with your teeth I rarely use teeth whiteners and some other people may feel like they need to use them more often so if you brush your teeth often but you still feel like they are not as white as they should be then I suggest that you try teeth whiteners I will leave some links below with the best rated teeth whiteners that you can use I personally don't have a favorite teeth whitener every year I made decide to buy one maybe because I think I could just go a little shade higher or anything like that so what I have done is just gotten together a list of the best reviewed teeth whiteners that I've found on the Internet because I thought I shop for them I go according to what other people are saying about them and other testimonies so I provided that for you down the description box below and the third part of ordinary answer to this question about women teeth is so wide in that I rarely drink acidic drinks now cannot I give up the coffee ladies and gentlemen I just have coffee least at least every other day it really helps me to stay awake during the day and to just have a lot of energy but when I do drink these things I drink it with a straw it is super important especially if you love drinking soda or pop dependent over you from and what you call it if you love drinking soda pop you have to drink it with a straw because all that acid is chewing away at your teeth and it looks horrible after a while that you been doing it you know that you will notice you will start to get stains even drinking orange juice and like I said coffee is very acidic drinks you want to drink it with a straw so that it actually hits the back your mouth and you don't take a sip of your pop and then it actually washes over all of your teeth so along with all the things I mentioned in this video about the type of toothbrush you want to use different teeth whiteners that you may want to try and just also about drinking your juice with a straw all of those other links in additional information down below in the description box so Abigail I hope that this video is helpful for you and that you begin to realize that I just really brush my teeth often I make sure to always drink my drinks with a straw so thank you all so much for watching make sure to check out the description box if you have any questions that I can answer them in my next blog until then you guys next



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