How To Do Caucasian Box Braids + Hair Braiding Tips

Breanna Rutter


Macy is white and she is scared to wear hairstyles predominantly worn by black women because she knows that people will judge her but if she knows how to do them to fit her well, it would be easier to deal with.I will provide her with braiding tips for silky fin Caucasian hair.


Hair Tip #1 Braid on Freshly Washed Damp Hair

Hair Spray Bottle (to dampen dry hair)

Braiding on damp hair allow you to better grip your hair and the extension braiding hair as your are braiding your box braids.


Hair Tip #2 For Silky Textured Hair, Braid with Toyokalon Braiding Hair

Toyokalon Braiding Hair (for silkier hair)
Kanekalon Braid Hair (for coarser hair)


Hair Tip #3 Secure the Braids By Hot Water Sealing or With Super Glue

Nail Super Glue
Braid Sealer


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Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of one of my most popular books the natural hair Bible and founder of for these videos I love to answer these questions you all send me via email so any of you have any questions you will like for me to answer be sure to check out the description box below for additional information regarding the right on into this video and today this video is because of a question I received from Macy, Macy emailed me because she says she loves box braids she thinks they're so fabulous but she has a hard time figuring out how to make the work from her for her hair considering that she's white and also she knows that people probably gone look at a strange or make fun of her for style but she really doesn't care as long as she can make the braids look really cute so Macy I'm glad you sent me this email because I am going to give you some specific tips is going to help with box braids on your grade of hair and even if people make fun you so what every time people see different things they always think that something is wrong with it but I'm glad you're considering wearing box braids and I'm going to give you the very first tip which is you want to braid on damp hair the thing is that if your hair is damp which I'm assuming that you have straighter textured hair if your hair is damp it has more grid to a because it's wet when usually its dry it’s a lot more silkier appears slippery that's wise very important that you do start with slightly damp hair in your adding braids to your hair especially box braids now my second tip is that you are going to be using toyokalon braiding hair instead of kanekalon braiding hair kanekalon braiding hair is a little bit more course and it's the best for black hair or African-American hair or ethnic hair in general but for your texture of hair I highly suggest toyokalon hair because number one is going to match with the silkiness is the number two is going to match with the texture and look of your hair now my very last tip is that once you finish braiding all of your braids I want you to do one of two things you're going to dip the ends in hot water for use in nail glue or a.k.a. superglue to seal your braids depending on how your fashioning a box braids of the hair is shorter or longer but you want to make sure that you leave the ends undone you have to braid past your hair and if you going to be leaving your ends on to make sure braid past your hair instead of dipping to braids and hot water use superglue to put a few drips on the braid but before you do this its super important to you break past your real hair so when you cut the braids off when it's time to take your hair down you do not put glue on your hair now if you going to be braiding past your hair you still if you're be braiding to the ends you still have to braid past your hair but also you have to make sure to dip hands and hot water by dipping the ends IN hot water what this does is that is lightly melts the hair it’s not drastically it's very small what you'll feel is a difference that the ends will be a little bit more stiffer only because the hot water is melting the hair is just a little bit so that the hairs actually stick together if not the hair is so silky that it will unravel so thank you for sending me that email you have 3 tips and help you to get fabulous box braids and thank everyone else for watching as well so if anyone else have any questions be sure to check out the description box more information on anything mention this video as well and I'll see you all in my very next video


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