Vinegar Rinse On Natural Hair For Cleanser?

Breanna Rutter


Liz wonders if its ok to clean her hair and scalp with water and vinegar. 


#1 Vinegar is acidic and will work best as a rinse for shiny and smooth hair

Vinegar rinses are only helpful for increasing your hairs ability to retain moisture and to also bring shine and strength back into your hair. Vinegar is not a component that cleansing the hair and scalp effectively from dandruff, dirt and product build up, surfactants (cleansing agents) are better for cleansing your hair and scalp. The preferred vinegar to use is apple cider vinegar when doing a vinegar rinse on your hair.

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#2 Surfactants cleanse the hair such as coco betaine or sulfates

The only component to cleansers that are meant to lift dead skin, dirt and product buildup from your scalp and hair is if surfactants are present. If you hair products contain water resistant ingredients such as silicones and petroleum, then a stripping cleanser is required similar to using sulfates. Sulfates are never suggested for
daily or frequent usage unless you need to lift certain products from your hair. For suggested shampoo recipes or products.


#3 The alkalinity of shampoos safely raise the PH for a safe cleanse

Your scalp has a PH of 4.5 to 5.5 and the alkalinity of many shampoo products has a slightly higher PH than the PH of your scalp. A higher alkalinity allows for your pores to open and your cuticles to lift which do a number of things such as; releasing product build up, dandruff and dirt from your pores and scalp. For suggestions on shampoos and other products, check out my books to learn how ot create your own homemade products or use the suggested lists of ingredients to help you purchase your best hair care products.

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Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of one of my most popular books The Natural Hair Bible and founder of for these videos I answer the questions that you all send me via email so if you have any questions you would like for me to answer check out the description box below for more information this video is because of an email I received from Liz and Liz wonders if she just does a vinegar rinse on her hair if that's enough to keep her hair clean so this is a great question and I don't get this question as frequently as I thought I would or think I and what I am going to do is answer this sop you can understand the need for a vinegar rinse on your hair so first off vinegar rinses are great for actually closing your cuticles and making your hair retain as much moisture as possible by strengthening your hair and it also makes your hair more shiny so if you have issues with your hair looking dull if you have issues with retaining moisture this is a great thing to do because vinegar is very acidic, acidic products closer to going outside of your hair strands which makes your hair less frizzy more smooth and shiny now products that are more alkaline raise the pH of your hair which opens the cuticle makes it easier for things to absorb and can also leave your hair frizzy in this situation that’s the only thing this product is going to do is just provide a rinse for your hair to retain moisture better and also make it shiny which leads me to my second vinegar does not actually cleanse the hair it more so helps to benefit the actual nature of your hair but what is going to cleanse her hair and scalp are products that have surfactants present now there are safe surfactants there is harsh surfactant such as sulfate which is a harsh surfactant and a good (gentler) surfactant is cocoa betaine, cocoa betaine is a natural derivative from coconut oil that allows for the dandruff and grime or any dirt on your hair to actually safely lift from your scalp from your hair sulfates on the other hand little bit more harsh because it wicks away moisture internally from your hair and I only suggest that you use sulfates for a deep cleanse so if you been using a lot of silicones on a lot of hair products that's when you want to use a deep cleansing shampoo that has sulfates present but to make sure you're just maintaining clean hair while also preserving moisture internally within your hair you want to use cocoa betaine for example which is a safer surfactant so then my last tip is that you want to make sure that when you are doing your vinegar that you only focus it on your hair this can make a scalp feel very itchy because of the acidity of the vinegar so its best that you just apply it onto your hair and rinse it out with cool water if you still smell the smell or something like that uses safer alternative conditioner or shampoo to wash your hair and then rinse once again but when rinsing with vinegar a little goes a long way as you like pickle walking around so just use a little bit of vinegar into a large container of water rinse it just on your hair and then rinse it out on with warm water and then seal in the moisture and increase that shininess by rinsing with cool water so I hope you understand that vinegar doesn't technically cleanse your hair I know a lot of people use it to provide a deep cleanse but is more so responsible for helping you to keep your cuticles close to retain moisture so thanks for your email Liz and also I want to thank all of you for watching as well having a questions or comments leave them in a comment area or email me before any of you go sign up to my email is so that you will be automatically answered for giveaways that I do and also only their update you are with exclusive content so until then I will see you my very next video


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