Box Braids Hair Care & Dry Hair Treatment At Home

Breanna Rutter


Tatiana has been transitioning all of her life since she always wears braids on her relaxed hair and now, she believes her hair is breaking because of a lack of moisture.


Hair Tip #1 Always Deep Condition Your Hair Before Installs


Deep Conditioners for Transitioning Hair Rated 5 Stars (BEST RATINGS)

Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner
Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner
Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Style Milk 


Deep conditioning your hair before braids, especially if the braids are in for an extended period of time, is EXTREMELY NECESSARY! Hair moisturized to its best capacity will maintain its health a lot better as you are wearing your Box Braids Hairstyle.


Hair Tip #2 Your Relaxed Hair Is Prone To A Lack of Protein


No matter the brand or specific type of chemical relaxer you choose to relax your hair with, relaxed hair lacks its natural balance of protein so it has to be incorporated back into your hair with your hair care products.


Hair Tip #3 Alternately Apply Moisture and Protein Based Moisturizer To The Hair


Protein Hair Moisturizer Rated 5 Stars (BEST RATINGS)
Jamaican Black Castor Oil Protein Hair Conditioner 
Aphogee Balancing Moisturizer & Two-Step Protein Treatment 
ApHOGEE Balancing Moisturizer 


Leave In Hair Moisturizers Rated 5 Stars (BEST RATINGS)

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hair and Body Moisturizer 
Paul Mitchell Leave-in Moisturizer 
TotLogic Leave In Conditioning Spray 


Depending on how often you moisturize your hair, its a good idea to apply a moisturizer or a protein moisturizer to your hair every other day or every three days.


The point is to alternate your usage between both kinds of moisturizers to make sure that you are not overloading your hair with protein and also, you are incorporating a moisture based (water based) product frequently.


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Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of one of my most popular books the natural hair Bible and founder of and for these videos I answer the questions you all send me via email so any of you have any questions you would like for me to answer be sure to check out the description box below for additional information so now we are going to get right on into the video in this video is because of a question Tatyana sent me Tatyana says that she believes she's pretty much been transitioning all of her life because she's always one box braids on a relaxed hair while also having a significant amount of new growth but the problem is that she could never figure out how to combat breakage after and before she has her box installed so I am going to do is suggest some things that you should do and have to do to make sure they are maintaining healthy hair one wearing a braids so the very first tip is something you must to every single time before getting your box braids installed is to deep condition your hair so whether or not you are using a product that you bought two deep conditioner hair or a homemade type of product that you have made you want to make sure you just thee condition your hair before actually getting your braids done this is something that's very simple to do and also is going to dramatically decrease any dryness that you experienced and especially breakage while wearing box braids now the second thing that I am going to mention is that because you have relaxed hair your relaxed hair is prone to a deficiency in protein the chemical relaxer no matter what type of brand or product you use when it's being placed on your hair it's breaking down the structure of your hair and in the process it also breaks down the protein that naturally makes up your hair so because you have a loss of protein you have to make sure they are keeping up with protein treatments to stop that hair from breaking so of course additionally if you feel like your hair has a lack of protein it doesn't feel as strong or feels a little bit too elastic or if you are you already have a set regimen for your protein treatments you also have to do one before getting your box braids installed as well and after if needed and on the last thing that I am going to suggest to help you to keep your hair healthy and to stop any breakage from happening with your hair is that you want to alternate between the moisturizes that you're using for your hair because your relaxed and because this is what's best to maintain relaxed hair you should already have two moisturizers one is just a moisture based and one that's protein-based so pretty much a protein moisturizes still a moisturizing moisturizer but it has protein in it whether it is hydrolyzed protein whether it's keratin or wheat protein I want you to alternate between the two while you're waiting box braids to make sure that your hair is remaining healthy so if you moisturize your hair every two days or every three days a once a week you want to follow accordingly so on day one of moisturizing use your protein moisturizer every two days or every three days or once a week you want to use your other moisturizer you want to follow accordingly so on day one of moisturizing you want to use your protein moisturizer then on day three use your other moisturizer that does not have protein in it this prevents protein build up on your hair as well as help you to maintain moisture in your hair which stops breakage from happening so if you are doing those things that I suggest to you will not see any problems with breakage are damaged ends or extreme dryness especially when taking down your box braids implement all those things in your hair will flourish in no time so Tatyana thank you for your email thank you for watching and I want to thank you ll of you for watching as well because I really appreciate you being here with me until then I'll see you all in my very next video


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