My Box Braids are Loose | Is My Braids Loose OR Is It New Growth?

Breanna Rutter


Duwana is struggling with getting her box braids close to her scalp!


Hair Tip #1 Perfect the Box Braiding Technique

Perfecting box braids is not as simple as overlapping one leg of the braid over another because perfect box braids are the result of practice! Even if you know how to install box braids you still need practice to make them uniform and neat. If you want to learn how to do box braids perfectly, learn from my techniques!
The Box Braiding DVD


Hair Tip #2 Pay Attention To Sliding Hands when Gripping The Hair

This of course will take constant practice and awareness. My first set of box braids weren’t pretty when I first learned how to braid them but with intense focus, it only took me a few tries to perfect the technique.


Hair Tip #3 Product WILL NOT Keep Them Close to the Scalp, Firm Braiding Will

Gel, Serums, Pomades or Hair Spray will NEVER keep your braids close to the scalp, only firm and consistent braiding can do that. If you begin your braid and it is already sliding, you have to tighten your grip and observe the drag of your hands when braiding. Make sure that you have the extensions and your real hair grippes securely especially when you begin overlapping each leg of your braid.


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Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of one of the most popular books the natural hair Bible and founder of these videos I love to answer the questions that you all send me via email so any of you have any questions that you like for me to answer be sure to check out the description box below for additional information this video is because of an email I received from Duwana, Duwana emailed me because she says she is extremely frustrated with the fact that she cannot get her box braids close to her scalp I understand your pains and I am going to share a little story about my first box braid experience when I first learned I learned how to do box braids I want to say when I was probably around 11 to 13-ish because really the first braid style I learned how to do of individual braids micro braids and I had already talked about this on my email list so if any of you are signed up you’re missing out because I only share exclusive stories and updates my email list so I expressed my email list so if about how micro braids were my first experience and also the fact that right after that I learned how to box braids my first box braid was so ugly and it was so ugly it was so like thick it was so like blah it wasn’t something that I would feel comfortable presenting to you all so I wish I took a picture of it nearby never took any pictures of my works are not know why maybe because I wasn't maybe hip to the whole thing yet or something but anyway this video is about you Duwana it’s about helping you get your box braids close to your scalp and the only way this is going to happen is if you perfect the box braiding technique how do you do that with practice my dear have to continue to braid with the constant tension on each leg of the braid you have to make sure that your hands are not actually dragging down when you first install the extension onto your hair you have to do so consistently so you need consistent pressure on each leg of the braid and then you got to make sure they are not allowing your arms or your hands to drag down right when you attach the extension this is the main issue with why individual have problems with getting their braids close to the scalp is because you're allowing the weight of your hands to pull on the extension and this is happening subconsciously you got to get used to the whole motion of braiding you have to pay attention to every little thing you're doing to see where you're making a mistake at so when you are braiding of course especially if you're doing it the way that I teach it a lot of individuals probably have to just take a little bit more time to get used to it because my braiding technique is totally different than what I see other individuals who do braids as well way the way that I teach for you to do box braids is to take your extension hair divided a third from two thirds put it together and then braid by attaching at the root or near your scalp now some individuals like to teach it where you just take some extension hair and don't divide it and then you start to braid your hair as the third leg and then you start to divide the extension hair as you are braiding I don't suggest that technique because right when you start I think the braids look best when they are consistent right at the beginning I'm not saying doing the one strand technique is not consistent but what I've noticed is that the braids usually turn out little bit better if you divide the legs and they begin braiding your individual braids so of course to each his own but that's the way that I prefer to teach so that way every single time you can see that consistent result with the on width of each leg of the braid so Duwana you have to keep practicing you got to make sure that you're not dragging hands of course and another thing that you asked me was about what's going to get the braids to hold like what's going to make them stay in you werere asking for product suggestions and things like that so I'm here to tell you that no gel no no wax no spritz spray no anything is going to get your braids close to the scalp the only thing is going to do that is from perfecting the box braiding technique so I hope that helps and I hope that's help all of y'all as well if you have ever had issues with your braids also so then until next time I will be seeing you all in my next video but before you go make sure to sign up to my email list if you want to receive exclusive updates from me thats only share there till next time see you all next video


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