How To Reduce The Weight Of Your Heavy Braids

Breanna Rutter


JapaDean asked this question because her braids are very heavy right now so I hope this video helps you!


1st Answer: You can’t and you should take them out!


You could take them down one by one and take away some braiding hair per braid but that will require you doing your hair all over again, section by section.


Add less hair to your braids next time, heavy braids happen when there has been too much extension hair added.


2nd Answer: If it is inconvenient for you to take them out, take some weight off of your scalp by wearing your braids in a high bun for the life of your style.

Keep in mind that by keeping them in, you are increasing your chances of developing bald spots and Traction Alopecia.

More Info on Traction Alopecia


3rd Answer: If you are curious to know what kind of braiding hair to use for box braids, I use about 6-7 packs of Kanekalon Braiding hair.

Kanekalon Braiding Hair 

My 5 MINUTE Box Braids Tutorial!


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Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of the book the natural hair Bible and founder of and for these special vlogs I love to answer all of the questions that you often me via email so you have any questions that you will like for me to answer be sure to check out the description box below this video for additional information so right on to the blog I will be answering a question that was sent by person a job at the a then say whether or not there are male or female the name is JapaDean and they had a question in regards to their box braids for this person just got their box braids installed said that the box braids are extremely too heavy to hot and his is uncomfortable when he hairstyle so they wanted to know what to do for heavy box braids and is exactly what this blog is going to be about so JapaDean the only only way you can reduce the way of your box braids is to take them down I know you probably paid a lot of money to get them done I know the style is telling you I know what I'm doing your fine but the braids are uncomfortable and because their heavy the only way you can reduce the weight is by taking them down but another option you can do is going to take a lot of time is to unravel them one by one take some of the extension hair off of the braid and then braid them back up to reduce the weight that take literally doing your whole entire style over again so my number one answer as far as it goes with reducing the way of your braids is that you have to take them down there too heavy and uncomfortable also a second answer that I would like to give you about the weight of your braids is that you can wear them up into a bun so if you refuse to take your braids down you can’t afford to take them down just to get another hairstyle is what you can do is always wear your hair in a top bun you want to use a lot of our booby pins to secure them into place and the reason why they should put your hair in a bun is because when you put your hair into a bun you are going to have to do a balancing act with your head because your braids are heavy I wouldn’t suggest that you wear them down like I have my Havana twists because individually each braid is going to pull at the roots of your hair and that leads to traction alopecia and is the main reason why I need you to take your braids if they are too heavy for your hair and a hard because eventually your hair is going to start to break off edges run the nape of your neck in any other places where your hair is too tight you don't want traction alopecia that's the last thing you should be experiencing especially now that you have your braids and all so those are my tips to help you to reduce the way I'm sorry there's nothing special or magical you can do because once you've added all that heavy extensions hair to each individual braids there's nothing you can do other than secure it really tighten up on the top of your head so that it's not heavy because of each individual braids but you need to take your hair down so that said I hope that answered your question and if any of you watch and have any additional questions that you would like for me to answer check out the description box below for more information but until then see you in my next video


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