Hair Thinning at the Crown of Head | Why Do I Have Hair Loss

Breanna Rutter


Rochelle says that I give great hairstyling ideas but she needs help with her thinning crown even though she has gained 2 ½ inches of growth recently


Hair Tip #1 Thinning Crowns Indicate Poor Health 

If the crown of your hair is thinning, this is an extreme side effect to indicate a decline in health, especially at a young age! If premature thinning runs in your family you can predict how and when you could be affected by this but if there is no explanation to your thinning, you must see a doctor immediately to assist you in getting back healthy.


Hair Tip #2 Do You Wear Tight Installs

Tight installs and heavy extensions ACTUALLY ENCOURAGE THINNING! It is so important to make sure that your style feels comfortably install and also that your extensions or weaves aren’t heavy which causes strain on your neck and tension on your scalp. The quality of your extensions have a lot to do with how well a style holds up while the application of your weaves and extensions influence the health of your hair and scalp as well as length retention. If thinning is caused because of your install, try using Jamaican Black Castor Oil to recover your hair back to health. For application, lubricate the pads of your fingers tips and message the affected area to repair your hair and stimulate blood flow and hair growth. Perform this application daily until you are satisfied with your results.
Jamaican Black Castor Oil


Hair Tip #3 Does Areata Alopecia Run In Your Family

Areata Alopecia can run in the family so if you have a family member that has suffered from this form of hair loss, its suggested to seek the professional help from a dermatologist or trichologist to make sure if you are experiencing this issue or if there are other factors that is causing hair loss and thinning.


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Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of one of my most popular books the natural have Bible and founder of for the video I asked the question that you are sending via email so any of you have any questions that you like me to answer be sure to check out the description box below for additional information so this video is dedicated to an email that I received from Rachelle Rachelle emailed me saying that she loves the different hairstyles that I show when I'm doing my tutorials but she's having an issue with the crown area of her head because shes starting to see some thinning she feels like she's too young to be seeing any thinning with her hair so she doesn't know it's something that she's doing wrong or if she should probably get it checked out to figure out what's going on so of course I have some tips for you and give you some advice you can take it from there and do we need to do to get your hair back healthy so the very first thing that I am going to say is that you need to check your health especially if you're really young and you are noticing that your thinning in any areas of your hair I don't know if you've been eating right were eating badI don't know if you're having a lot of stress in your life I'm not sure if you putting bad products in your hair or you are having some type of issues with your scalp so I'll highly suggest that you go in the advice from your doctor to see if there's anything that could be conflicting with the health of your hair especially being at a young age now when you get older you know thinning can actually happen there's things you can do to fix that when you're in an older age but if you're young you should definitely see what's going on with your health if you believe that that possibly the issue, now my next thing is whether or not you wear tight installs it's obvious if you're braids are too tight some people don't care if they have tight braids they just want their hair to look nice even if it hurts nd us a bad thing because your hair while actually alleviate where your scalp wont be alleviated from that pain once your hair begins to grow over time and also the issue with thatis that it could lead to some alopecia which nobody likes alopecia is not a good luck for anybody who wants to have a beautiful head of hair and unfortunately some individuals suffer with a issue within their bodies that causes them to lose hair whether it's hereditary or whether it's something that has triggered that from what ever reason and thats called areata alopecia now want you to also consider whether or not that runs in your family I've known a girl that had it passed down from her mother to her and she was only like 23 and she had issues with losing her hair and she didn't know because she was on track at the time she didn't know if I'm something was going on or she's too stressed when she wasnt having a healthy type of diet and lifestyle but it was something that was passed down from her mother and she constantly had to make sure that she wasn't wearing tight weaves and that she was using great products to take care of her hair and to actually get her hair reon the best track that it could but you just want to be extremely careful when youre wearing extensions and wearing hairstyles to be sure that its not causing pain pain is not good is it going to make you lose hair but of course take everything I say the consideration and apply what you think is going on with you to make sure that you're okay and nobody was pretty hair but also to make sure they are healthy so thanks for your email and I hope this advice I've given is also helping all of you who are watching also before any of you go make sure to sign up for my email list if you want to be updated wit hexclusive conten that I only share there and also you will be entered into giveaways so until then I'll see all of you in my very next video


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