How To HIDE Bald Spots With A Sew In

Breanna Rutter



Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of one of my most popular books the natural hair Bible and founder of for these videos I love to answer questions that you all send me via email so any of you have any questions that you would like for me to answer be sure to check out the description box below for additional information this video is because of an email that was sent to me from Shavonda that Shavonda says that she doesn't know why she having a bald patch in her head she always or so and that she's not sure if she is just losing hair or if it's something with her braid pattern or if it’s just her braids so of course I have some tips for you in the very first thing that stuck out to me when you will be this email is the fact they've been noticing a patch in a certain area which leads me to believe that you are training the way that your hair is being braided and this happens very easily and if you don't switch up your braid pattern you will just be able to see that you're starting to have a trained area of hair which means that it probably appears as if your balding or having a bald spot but if you constantly braid in a certain direction or with a certain tightness in certain areas of your head you will begin to notice that the hair starts to spread apart from that area so the way that I can put this into perspective is if you notice a Caucasian woman or male for example if a girl always wears a side part and she keeps her hair: down when she tries to wear a side part on the other side her hair is going to give her that resistance and its going to come to stand up on top of her head because her hair naturally i9s trained to lay down in a certain pattern in a certain direction so if you constantly have the have the same braid pattern when you were your sew ins you are going to train your hairs to actually lay down in a certain way in some people think that they're beginning to lose their edges because of this or that they're getting bald spots when in reality it could be a braid pattern another thing is that if you know you have lost hair and you know for sure is not just the training of the braid pattern is the fact that choosing and I will suggest that you do a new braid pattern especially if you have thick and/or long hair a great way to conceal and allow for your hair to go back is to do the typical beehive braid pattern where you braid in a continuous circle from the perimeter of your head and continue to wanted to circle to use the center and then sew down the tail end of your braids your pattern you can even do two beehives if your hair becomes too thick as your winding one bee hive or you could do three now another tip that I am going to suggest is that if you believe that on your stylist is causing this issue with the hair and areas of your head from you where sew ins is probably a great time to try to learn how to do your own sew ins this can save you a lot of money it can save you save a lot of time from waiting on the stylist you understand how that goes and on this will also give you the freedom to do your hair for yourself if you so choose whether or not you want someone to do your so whence or not you always refer to my website my website I have plenty of styling DVDs you can go ahead and search for sew ins my site and you will see a lot of results that come up to help you learn how to do your own if you would like that so those in the tips for you if you're training your braids to always go a certain direction you will notice that you actually training the way your hair lanes which could give you an idea that you're losing hair or maybe you need to change or braid patterns of or simply learn how to do your own sew ins to help you to do what's best for your hair so thanks for this email and I hope this email has also helped everyone else was watching as well before any of you go make sure to sign up to my email list because only their I update you with exclusive content and you will also be entered into giveaways that I do so until then I'll see all of you in my very next video

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