How To Use Castor Oil For HAIR GROWTH On Natural Hair!

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of one of the most popular books the natural hair Bible and founder of for this video I am answering and email that was sent to me from Mandra, Mandra emailed me stating that she has very dry hair and she wants to know what is the best oil to help her care for her hair that's not expensive like essential oils and also in oil that won't be greasy and weigh her hair down so Mandra I'm going to suggest to you some things is going to point you to the direction of best oil will be for your hair now the first thing I want to state is that no matter oil of choice it is always the best that you are using cold pressed virgin oils this is the oil of its highest quality number one because it's 100% whatever the oil states that it is not mixed with other it's not mixed with the products and things like that number two the technique of extracting oil was cold pressed therefore it hasn't been heated above a certain temperature that kills off certain nutrients and vitamins and it makes it the most superb quality of oil that you can use for your hair now the oils that I suggest when you are trying to figure out which oil is best for you I suggest that you experiment with coconut oil jojoba oil and avocado oil now most times I suggest coconut and jojoba when starting off because these are the best oils to just ease your way into because their lightweight plus jojoba oil itself mimics more closely to your natural sebum the natural oil that secretes from your scalp (and body) than any other oil known so I always Saleh suggest that you start off with coconut and jojoba oil but the reason why I'm going to suggest avocado oil to you is because it's filled with omega fats come from a lot of different foods and more specifically it's high from certain seeds and nuts are plants and things like that avocado is high in fatty acids so is best that you use the oil because fatty acids are great for keeping your hair moisturized it helps strengthen the hair and helps add more nutrients and things like that helps equip the hair to be able to stay moisturized for longer period of time or do generally overcome dry hair as well now the second thing I want to mention is that oil does not moisturize your hair now I know previously my tips sounded as if I said this as well moisturize your hair just put this oil on and this and that but the thing is that it seals your hair a love people get this confused with keeping the hair moisturized verse sealing the way you keep your moisturizing is you have to add moisture to your hair moisture is water moisture is what moisture moisturizing your hair starts to water because that's moisture and then oil is what you use to seal the moisture into your hair this is not permanent this is just temporary so what happening is that if you use an oil of choice to lubricate the outside of damp or wet strands the slows down the process of water escaping your hair which means you can stop dry hair from happening now it may take constantly keeping your hair moisturized to get your hair back balance to being able to retain moisture effectively especially if you have chronically dry hair so this could be a combination of using different moisturizing haircare products as well is experimenting with different was of choice to find the sweet spot is that work best for your hair and in my last tip is that on a great way instead of investing into a lot of oils and things like that is a co-wash her hair more frequently if you don't co-wash your hair this is the perfect opportunity to start doing so because you don't have to buy so many different types of oils and they can become expensive depending on the certain types you are trying to buy but if you just use a quality co-wash conditioner or even a deep conditioner treatment to serve as a co-washing agents this will help your hair to be moisturized most conditioners are filled with oils and that's the beauty of a co-wash is that your washing your hair, leaving behind the remnants of oil from that previous product which helps you to better able to seal your hair as well so I hope the tips of help is a lot of different things you can do to fix your dry hair and your choice of oils and also incorporating co-washing your hair is that it's a great way to get started and usually this fixes the problem for a lot of individuals who have dry hair so I hope this video is also everyone else who's watching as well and before any of you go make sure to sign up for my email list so that way you can be automatically entered in any giveaways that I do and only there you will receive exclusive content so until then I will see all of you and my very next video

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