Going From Perm (Relaxed) Hair To Natural!

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter one of my most popular books the natural hair Bible and founder of for these videos I answer the questions that you all send me via email so if any of you have any questions that you like for me to answer check out the description box for more information this video is dedicated to an email I received from Samantha she goes on in the email to say that she wonders if there is more of an easier way to go from permed hair to natural hair and whats some things that she can do to help her to actually grow her hair a lot more stronger and alot more healthier so I have a couple of tips for you and I'm going to give you some advice on what to do to get you where you want to be as you're making that transition so naturally the very first thing that I'm going to suggest for you to learn everything that you need to know to actually have some thriving long healthy hair is to read my book the natural hair Bible it's totally focused on taking you from a beginner step all the way to having fully natural hair it's going to teach you how to actually detangle your hair properly especially when you have thick or just very curly hair it's also going to teach you how to make your own home made products if that's something that you like to do is going to show you what regimen will work best for you and so much more Ive organized a rate of the things I've ever uses the working the book so that way it would take you step-by-step through the process to make everything easy now I know a lot of individuals probably would rather go the other route such as watching videos reading posts and things like that and you will learn just as much information as it would be in haircare book but if you want everything in one place tidy meat and organized to take you step-by-step without having more questions and needing more answers then I would highly suggest that you check out my book the natural Bible but also what you can do to in order to successfully grow your hair as well specifically just for keeping your hair growing healthy and strong is to make sure that your daily massaging your scalp this is not a tip that I usually share a lot but if you just feel like you just want to focus just more on growing your hair then I would highly suggest that you make sure that your increasing blood circulation to your scalp yes I can go on to say you need a trim you need a deep condition and protein treatment as this and that but this is a tip is going to easily help you to get the most that you need for your hair it's as simple it's it's simple when you're massaging your scalp your increasing the blood flow to your scalp and if your increasing the blood flow to your scalp your delivering more nutrients more quickly to your hair which is going to help you to grow your hair more of a quicker rate this is something similar to the inversion method that a lot of individuals like to do to grow their hair and I've heard crazy stories to actually grow your hair in an inch within a month or two and usually your hair grows an average of half an inch a month now for some individuals they said it worked and it showed a time-lapse of what their hair was a one point and what their hair was at another in there's some individuals they didn't work so if you want to do things like that like little tips and the little tricks and things to grow your hair you could try that but it's at your discretion because the way you have to do the inversion method is you have to tip your head back and some people like to lay on her bed into tip head back where you have a hold your head kind of backwards over a sink or something thing for about five minutes (correctoion) some people like to to do it for just 10 minutes and you're supposed to be very still and just allow like the blood to rush to your head and then we are done is supposed to slowly sit up now I've heard that this is not suggest different people who have had strokes in the past and it had problems with blood pressure and things like that so I will say that is all at your discretion is just an idea of what I have heard of people doing to try to grow their hair but what I always say is that their simple techniques that you can do that everyone does if they want to grow long hair keeping up with your trims and different things like that I've always mentioned in just about each and every video so those are my tips for you is that if you want everything all organized in one place taking you step-by-step you can refer to my book you can check out more of my hair care videos on my website if you want to just pick up bits and pieces of information along the way or you can daily massage your scalp with just your hands or possibly with a little bit about olive oil and coconut oil to give you more benefit so thanks for your email and I hope all of you have learned something from this that yeah there a little bitty tips and things that you can try to incorporate or little tricks you can incorporate to grow your hair long but it's going to take that basic thing is gonna take those basic key elements for anyone want to grow healthy hair so I thanks for watching and before any of you go make sure to sign up for my email list so that way I can update you with exclusive content and there I'm also doing giveaways as well so until then I'll see all of you in my very next video

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