How To Make Thin Hair Thicker Naturally

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of one of my most popular books the natural hair Bible and founder of for these videos I answer the questions that you all send me via email so if any of you have any questions that you like for me to answer be sure to check out description box below for additional information so this video is because of an email that was sent to me from Egypt, Egypt emailed me saying that she has very thin hair all she wants to thick hair so she wants to know if there are any solutions for her and if it's possible that she can actually make her thin hair thicker so of course there's some solutions for many different types of your situations and I got some tips and advice for you Egypt so the first thing I want to say is that you going to try any type of thickening products or things are regimens as such that you want to make sure to spot treat a certain area to actually see if you are going to be getting any results so I know it wasn't like nose dive right to a certain tip or certain product to do it but the best way to tell if what you're doing is actually working when you start to implement some other things do a certain area of your hair first to see if you are actually seeing any results now the second thing that I want to suggest is that there are couple of products or couple of things that’s going to greatly enhance the thickness of your hair such as using Jamaican black castor Oil or Regular Castor Oil and Also Using a Blend of Essential Oils the Two Essential Oils That Are Key for Thickening Your Hair and Also Helping You to grow Thicker Hair Is Lavender Oil and Rosemary Oil so Depending on the Type of Strength That's Best for You Want to Make Sure That per ounce out Oil like If You Want to Be Blending in with Your Jamaican black castor Oil That You Only Apply in between 3 to 5 Drops Total of an Essential Oil to a Carrier Oil so That Way It Doesn't Feel Too Sensitive or Feel Too Strong When You're applying it to your scalp so Literally Take a Tablespoon of Oil That You are going to be using to Treat Your Hair and Then Put about 3 to 5 Drops Total of the Essential Oils You Want to Use in That Little Tablespoons and Then Lubricate Your Fingers and Massage Scalp Massage Your Hair You Want to Focus on Your Hair and Scalp so That Way You Can Actually Get Thicker Hair so Those Are My Tips for You of Course You Can Always Just Constantly Make Sure That You're Switching up from Different Essential Oils if you like but I Highly Suggest That You Start Rosemary Lavender Because Those Two Oils I Was Going to Ask You Make Your Hair Thicker and Also Wrote Thicker and Then Use Jamaican Black Castor Oil THERE have been Plenty of Women Who Have Used It to Go Back There Edges and I Also Did a Video Dedicated about That about How You Can Use It to Grow Back a Hair As Such so If You Want to Learn More Information Go Ahead and Search for Those Things on My Website to Check out More so Thanks for Your Email and Also I Want to Thank You All for Watching These Videos and before Any of You Go Make Sure to Sign up for My Email Is Because Only Their Update You with Exclusive Content and You Will Also Be Entered into Giveaways That I Do so until Then I'll See All of You in My Very Next Video

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