Sew In Weave NO EDGES? Use These Techniques!

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of one of my most popular books the natural hair Bible and founder of and for these videos I answer the questions you all send me via email so any one of you have any questions you like for me to answer check out the description box below for more information so this video is all because of an email Joanne sent me Joanne says that she loves doing sew ins shes so happy just like the entire technical process of doing them but she needs some more tips as far as how to bring out better results with her sewins that she is doing so Joanne I'm going to give you some couple of things that is going to help you achieve the look and also preserving the health of the person's hair when doing sewins so the very first thing I'm going to talk about is weaving nets weaving nets are great and best for people who have been a weak hairline or weak edges week what the weaving net does is it provides a more of a base on their entire head so that way the weight of the extensions is not reliant on the strength of the hair but the strength of the weaving net so depending on how thin or how much help or support someone hair needs when you are doing a sew in will depend on the type of weaving net you use so if you use a weaving net that is very flexible and flimsy that you can move around very easily that the help for someone who has thin hair but doesn't really have a weak hairline and then for people who also have a weak hairline with thinning hair line you want to use a weaving that that is stiff because it can hold more weight if they do decide to add more extensions onto their hair so that way the weight of the extensions isn’t further receding their hairline or thinning out their edges any more than what has already been done now also a weaving net for my next tip that I am going to suggest is that a weaving net is perfect for people who are suffering from alopecia or bald spots so if you create if you have bald spots in your head from tight braids or just naturally your losing hair then when you use a little bit of weaving net over the area's that’s missing hair you can easily continue to sew your extensions onto their braid pattern w braiding over that piece of weaving net that you had to add in those areas well so in a specific case you won’t need a weaving net to cover their entire head you only needed to cover the areas that are that are missing and then also for someone with alopecia the varying effects of what alopecia does to you it varies from person to person so if you're on losing hair around your hair line thing hair in different areas or have bald spots throughout your head if you use just a bit of weaving net to fill those areas you don’t have to apply weaving net to your entire head just the areas that need be and then also when using an actual spandex cap just a regular wig cap That you would use to cover up your hair you are going to wear a wig these are the type of caps you should use if you have very healthy thick hair so if you want to make sure that your installs are allowing your real hair to come out through the style then I will suggest that if your hair is in pristine condition that you use as a regular spandex wig cap To sew down onto the braid pattern most people do not like to sew there extensions onto their braids by themselves because they want an extra barrier protection to stop there braids from kind of unloosening or any loose hairs they may have had from the scalp peeking through their style so that's why a spandex wig cap Would be helpful for someone who has very healthy hair in good condition but they want to make sure that all of the hair stand contained underneath the wig cap so that way is not intermingling with the weft of their extensions and then for my final tip that I'm going to suggest when you're doing sewins is do you want to create removable units if you want to create removable units then you want to use a dome wig cap or a nylon wig cap To help you to create the effect that you want a spandex wig cap Is very thin and you can really see it was almost like the same makeup of a pantyhose but a on nylon wig cap or a dome wig cap is very thick and sturdy and sometimes depending on the kind you use it will have a little bit off holes throughout the If you want more if you want to make sure that there is more circulation onto the scalp as well but it really doesn't matter the specific type of wig making cap you use You use just want to make sure this is a nylon wig cap Or it's an actual dome wig cap Because the thicker and more sturdier it is will allow it to last throughout multiple installs if you want to create a removable unit so I've given you so much information on how to better your sew ins and now that I've hit all the points you are ever wondering about the different type of weaving caps what situations they will be necessary for and even as far as creating removable units if that's something you want to get into so thanks JoAnn for your email can go with your sew ins I will love to see pictures if you could send me some and also on thank you all for watching I hope that you guys have learned something from this is well whether you just want to learn how to do different styles or you just want more help as far as a different product it takes to achieve different looks with your sewins or removable units so thanks and until next time I will see you all in my very next video

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