My Natural 4C Hair Shrinkage! VIDEO

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of one of my most popular books the natural hair Bible and founder of and for this video I wanted to talk about shrinkage and the reason why want to talk about shrinkage is because a lot of you have been confused about the nature of my hair some of you think that my hair is shorter than what it used to be some of you think is a little longer than what it used to be and then some of you think I need a trim because of how my ends look at different times in this is all due to shrinkage everyone experiences shrinkage different from one another and is perfectly normal and fine especially when you have natural hair those who have relaxed hair also suffer or go through a little bit of shrinkage but I know that dramatically when you have natural hair and you can be of huge difference so first I wanted to show you a spin around of how my hair looks when it straightened now just to let you know I straighten my hair a couple of days ago and before when a couple days ago it was a little bit straighter than what you see now it’s just a little bit poofy that's just the nature of my hair is continually drying and moisture and want to coil up on itself as the days go on this is perfectly fine and natural and also some individuals who straighten your hair can achieve a more of a course look to their hair or a silkier look to their hair depending on their texture everyone's hair is completely different so just to show you a comparison of how shrinkage looks I went ahead and washed my hair and then BOOM shrinkage was in full effect it got really tight the coils all came back after I washed my hair and then it just condensed on itself now a lot of people can't stand shrinkage because number one it looks really short and you can have shoulder length hair and it will literally shrink into a teeny-weeny Afro (TWA) and this is normal this is just your natural hair's tendency especially if you have natural hair but some individuals also suffer with shrinkage to the degree that it gives a lot of single-strand knots and to combat that you have to make sure that it's drying in a stretched state now stretching your hair doesn't mean that you have to do a blowout what you have to flatiron it or curl it or whatever stretching your hair could simply be putting it in braids or twists some people prefer braids may want more of their length to show and some people prefer twists if they want more of a different look as well what I did as I braided my hair and individual braids and let them dry and then to show you another spin around what I did was I took down each braid combed it through to show you how my hair looks when it's in its own fro now technically speaking I could have dried my hair naturally after washing it without picking out and it would've been very compact but I don't want to encourage single-strand knots which is just my hair coiling upon itself and creating little knots everywhere so instead of doing that its best to stretch my hair allow to dry and then pick it out so as you can see here this is my hair full fluffed out and Fully dried its product free this is my hair in the natural state so it’s not straight ened and or anything like that was slightly stretched and dried to prevent single-strand knots so I hoped you all have understood a little bit more detail what shrinkage is what it looks like and no I don't need to trim no my hair is not getting shorter it is the shrinkage so I want to thank you all for always sending me your questions and with your comments and I love to see all your beautiful faces and seeing what you all have to say about the video on the continent things that you would like to see as well so once again this is Breanna Rutter from and I will see you are in my very next video

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