Repairing Hair Extensions!

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of one of my most popular books the natural hair Bible and founder of for this video I'm going to be as answering an email that Cara sent me, Cara sent me an email saying that she just bought some new hair extensions and they been holding up for a while but as of lately she's noticing that extensions are becoming very dry and dull so she wants me to give her some tips on how to keep her hair healthy shiny and moisturized so Cara as always I am going to give you three suggestions that you need to incorporate in order to get your extensions back on the right track so the very first thing I am going to suggest is that you have to make sure that you are using quality haircare products to take care of your extensions now this is the same piece of advice and especially the first thing that always mention because this is what reinforces the help of your extensions as well as your real hair not gone into detail plenty of times about what to look for in your products to make sure that it is quality for your hair and even for extensions on my website and if you want more information specific information for your case I suggest that you refer to my book the black hair manual for doing so it will go step-by-step as far as how to use each specific product what each specific product will do to your hair and how to make sure that you're picking it according to its ingredients it's super important that you use products that were actually reserve your hair because if not it is going to become dry and dull so another side tip I am going to mention as well as that when using oils in your extension I always suggest two top oils to make sure that is not going to cause any build up on your hair or cause any further breakage or dryness or anything like that and those two oils are argan oil and coconut oil they are very light in its molecular weight which means that it won't cause much build up and it will actually feel like you barely put any product on your hair those are the two best oils to use on your extensions when taking care of them that the second thing I'm going to suggest depends on the type of extensions you are wearing and I'm going to suggest the LOC method for keeping your extensions moisturized now the LOC method has been getting so popular because a lot of women want to figure out how to actually keep their hair moisturized for an extended period of time and the secrets to this is the way that you layer your products going from the most watery consistency product to the thickest products so just to let you know the LOC method if you don't know what it is it's it's an abbreviation for the type of products that you use in the order which it applied to your hair L stands for liquid which can also be water or a leave in product O stands for oil and C stands for cream now I only suggest the LOC method if you have very curly or wavy or kinky extensions because just a little bit oil may not do justice for keeping the hair moisturized healthy and shiny especially when you're using very kinky extensions to add to the look of your hair you have to incorporate the LOC method to prevent the extensions from becoming dry now the very last of the am going to suggest is a tip that you probably don't want to hear and hope is not true but it's possible that it can be true especially if you have not had your extensions for a while is that you probably have poor quality extension of the best way to tell if your extensions are healthy and are great for sustaining the span of time that you wish for them to is if your hair stands up to the test of time so if you're doing everything possible to keep it healthy you are trimming away any little splitting ends from the hair because real hair still splits so if you are noticing split ends on the in of the hair this is a very cool and very prominent indication that you have real hair on your extensions so if you are noticing that it's splitting at the ends you want to make sure to keep those in trim if you notice that the hair is becoming more dry moisturized if you're doing everything possible to keep your extensions healthy and it still breaking off and flying off frizzy all over the place and it's hard to even style it is possible that your hair are filled with fillers most fillers are usually filled with very straight or silky plastic fibers and you can notice this especially if it seems as if your hair is not even curling properly or retaining moisture so of course you have to follow all steps that are suggested to make sure that you can keep your hair healthy moisturized and shiny and if all else fails it's probably because you don't have great quality hair extensions so I hope all of those tips have helped you Cara thank you for your email and I hope this helps everyone else was watching as well of course if you want more information going on over to my site to look for the things that you are hoping to learn more about and also before any of you go make sure to sign them up sign up for my email list so that you can be automatically entered into my giveaways and also only their you can receive exclusive content so until then I will see all of you and my very next video


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