My Hair Isn't GROWING BACK! Black Hair Growth Advice

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of one of my most popular books the natural hair Bible and founder of for this video I will be answering an email that was sent to me from Rita you emailed me saying that she is extremely frustrated she went to in her words for "a so-called celebrity stylist and they did a quick weave job ahead of the problem is they did a bad job on her head it caused her sides or the sides of her hair to actually fall out so she does desperately needs any help any suggestions tips that she can do to actually help her hair grow back and also something that she can do to actually style hair while this process is happening as well so I'm so sorry to hear that and it's really unfortunate that it has happened to you so I want to do is give you some tips that can help you to grow back to that of your hair the very first thing I'm going to suggest is that if you are going to be styling your hair such as wearing sew ins or wearing any type of other type of braids or twist styles or anything like that I want you to make sure that you are allowing for your sides to be left out now I know this may be difficult but if your hair has the ability to be camouflaged per se then you should leave your sides out so that way you can actually smooth them down wearing hairstyle so say for instance on you have a lot of breakage on sides but is not actually bald what you can do is wear some type of sew in or Mohawk type style you can use a little bit of hair gel and your comb or your fingers to actually slick down the side you can create little rivets and things like that to actually have like a little bit of a swirl design side of your head so it can looks as if you meant for your hair to be that way you can always this you can always decide sure hair to look as if it was purposely meant that way if you can a style or mold it toward desired shape or pattern now you can also choose instead to just leave your hair covered up with a wig but I don't suggest that because of the friction that the sides of the wig can have when your hair your way I'll suggest that you wear wig is if you sew the wig down to your head and leave it on your side so that way is not constantly rubbing it's actually anchored on your head to prevent friction from happening on the sides now the second thing that I'm going to suggest is that you got make sure that you using quality hair care products that help you to start growing your hair back not to stimulate growth always adjust using essential oils and specific oils when doing so that you can encourage more hair growth your hair will continue to grow but if you want to help it speed up little bit more so that you can see more of your hair starting growing been these are the essential oils and carrier oils that I suggest you want more information on what a carrier oil is what an essential oil is and how you can use it to grow your hair go ahead to my website to check out anything that I've put up there to help you to encourage you to look for more information in that sort so the essential oils that I always suggest when you're trying to speed up your hair growth or encourage hair growth is rosemary oil and lavender oil sage is also a great oil as well but it's not the what is best for everyone because if you're pregnant or nursing it's an essential oil that you shouldn't be using because it could somehow be toxic to the baby you are somehow be in the milk or something of that sort is just not suggestive for when you are pregnant or nursing to use sage essential oil that you can use lavender essential oil or rosemary essential oil know the carrier oils that I suggest oils that are packed with antioxidants and nutrients that will be delivered and fed directly into your scalp and into your hair and into your bloodstream as well and those are coldpressed virgin oils know the oils that I suggest when doing that are on coconut oil jojoba oil and olive oil these oils are superb when it comes to actually help you grow back your hair because they're the best oils to use when doing so they the best oils to use that encourage growth and if you get specifically coldpressed virgin oils these oils will better penetrate your scalp and also your hair to actually help you grow your hair longer but for the sake of your sides with getting them to grow back those to grow back those are the essential oils and the carrier oils that I suggest now my last and final to helping you to cope with your sides being lost and also with going back your hair is that you try Jamaican black castor oil now you can use regular castor oil if you want I've seen so many countless testimonies of so many countless instances of women growing back to hair by just using Jamaican black castor oil all you have to do is just lubricate your fingers and gently massaging on your scalp and on your hair daily to help encourage growth so many people have recovered from balding from receding hairline from thinning from breakage from so many different things the most popularly I've witnessed Jamaican castor oil helping people to grow back the hair now me personally I've never had to use Jamaican black castor oil to help grow my hair or any instance of growing back my hair my hair is pretty healthy I've rarely had any issues with my hair whatsoever but Jamaican black castle is what a lot of people like to use to actually roll their hair back in usually if is to just grow back thicker or just to grow back period so those are my suggestions for you as far as growing back your hair so hair grows back hair grows unless something tragically is happening inside of your body that’s stopping your hair from growing but your hair is going to grow just incorporate those elements and tips and just keep on every day be a patient and applying on the oils of choice to use to go back your hair so thank you for your email and thank you all for watching and also before any of you go make sure to sign up for my email list so that way you can be automatically entered into giveaways and also only the hair you will receive six content so until then I'll see all of you in my very next video

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