Hair Hatted Hooligans HATE THEIR OWN HAIR!

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of one of my most popular books The Natural Hair Bible and founder of how for this video I will be asking an email that was sent to me from Thalia, Thalia emailed me because she wonders whether or not I think or believe that weave is a form of self-hate she goes on to say that she saying countless women wear weave and extensions for long period of time without never really wearing their own hair so she's in a sense starting to feel as though this is probably true that women who wear weaves hate themselves in some way or shape and she wonders if I think is true and also I think I so I want to do is to put this into perspective on how I view this entire topic and also talk more about wheeze extensions and things like that so very first thing I'm going to suggest is whether or not people think that wearing deodorant is a form of self-hate do some people think that wearing perfume is a form of self-hate I mean the other things that used in a sense to cover up your scent because this is not original scent to your body and we put these things on your taking on the scent of another substance or even about the fact of wearing makeup what some people consider makeup self-hate because someone chooses to wear makeup when they leave out the door or to just make up for just being at home the thing is that it’s so easy to point the finger at one thing and say just because someone wears weaves that their self-hating themselves but if you put this into perspective on things like the deodorant perfume makeup even surgeries for example if people wear these things or do these things does that mean that they hate themselves so I hate myself and if I chose to shower with a scented shower gel should I make sure that none of my things are scented I mean this is a way of alienating a lot of people because a lot of people will feel like wow I can even wear weaves without people thinking that I hate myself or I know I'm being judged other individuals what they chose to do it they hair their choice is not a form of self-hate it's a form of them choosing to express themselves in a certain way if I wear scented perfume does that mean I hate myself no it just means that I chose to smell a certain way now should we all go around never wearing weaves never wear scents never wearing makeup is that a true way to show that we fully 100% accept ourselves I think that sometimes we can get too caught up in the whole thing and then in sense it can become a little bit foolish and it also can become very judgmental in a sense do you hate yourself because you dont eat good (healthy) all the time you know so and so forth is eating bad food mean you hate yourself so in a sense I just wanted to put in perspective with the fact that there are so many different ways to enhance yourself to add or subtract from what you have to give the look that you want that's just a matter of self-expression which leads me to the next things that I want to talk about as far as weaves and extensions is that it's predominant reason for people who wear weaves and extensions is to actually protect their hair to encourage length now the thing is is it on me for example I have natural hair my hair is 4c type for those of you don't know if I'm constantly twisting my hair every day or just constantly leaving in a fro unadulterated never changing it so I can look like I don't hate myself and if I leave my hair in an afro every single day my ends will be very tangled I would get a lot of single strand knots and I would have to constantly trim my ends so that way I'm wearing my hair on untouched or unbothered or un-manipulated but the thing is that for me to make sure that my hair looks presentable for me so I can now my hair and look at it and appreciate the way that it bends and twists and coils is that additionally sometimes from wearing a fro I would like to wear a twist out or a braid out the thing is that what weaves do for a lot of people and extensions do for a lot of individuals is that it allows for them not to have to style their hair every day because it's being maintained with some type of weave or extensions this is great for people who have health goals with their hair as well as length retention goals if you're constantly manipulating and handling your hair and its raw state all the time it’s going to eventually lead to breakage that's why weaves and extensions are helpful for a lot of people because it stops this from happening in the very last thing that I am going to talk about is that self-hate is dependent on what you feel is self-hate to you what I feel is self-hate to me is different for someone else self-hate truly is determined by what's not true for you as a person is it self-hate for you to wear makeup do you feel like you're hating on yourself by wear makeup when you go out then you shouldn’t wear makeup if you want to fully accept the fact that you don't need makeup to go out into the world just to wear for you to feel beautiful or just to wear for you to maintain a certain look that you want self-hate is determined by what you think it is for you for someone else they can never wear weaves but still hate their natural hair or they can never wear weaves but still hate the way their relaxed hair looks some individuals can wear weaves ll the time and love themselves the thing is that we can assume just because we all see someone in their rawest form that they don't love themselves some people are out there in the world in their rawest forms and can't stand themselves this is all about matter of reflection and how you view yourself when you look in the mirror so trust me I'm not attacking you at all this email just is very passionate it’s something that evokes a lot of passion out of me because I feel like everybody should be able to look into the mirror see themselves and love themselves if that means that you love yourself even more when you put on a little bit of mascara then do it if you love yourself even more you smell good spray all that perfume all want you know it just depends on everyone else's preference me I require different things you know when I need a pick me up I know what works for me or someone else wants to pick me up or wants to look as visually appealing just to themselves they require what they would like to do self-hate is a matter of how you define it for you know what you say is self-hate on someone so thanks for that email I hope that I could put a lot of things it's perspective or to actually help you to look at it differently as well and I want other individuals to also comment on something that was said and let me know what truly is a definition for you for self-hate like what’s something that you feel as though you would do to yourself that in a sense is a way of hating yourself because of all different for different people and how do you feel like you best love yourself as well so thank you for your email and also thank all of you 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