Cream That GROW Natural Hair! DIY!

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of one of my most popular books the natural hair Bible and founder of for this video I will be answering an email that I received from Priscilla, Priscilla emailed me because she says what does she need to do or use on her hair to encourage and promote hair growth she says someone suggested to her that she should use banana egg and honey because it helps you grow your hair so I'm she was telling me that she just doesn't know what to do what she should even be using in it even that's even a good suggestion of something she should be putting on her hair so I'm just going to break down and on give you some tips that will help you to actually grow your hair longer since that is a goal that you have to have so my very first thing is that the ingredients that you told me about using banana egg and honey are three major ingredients that are great for doing a mild protein moisturizing thee conditioning treatment so in a sense is pretty much just a deep conditioning treatment with all-natural products the ingredients or the on makeup of honey itself and banana are natural forms of humectants, humectants are on properties of a specific Plan or product that attracts water to the surface of your hair so when you are meeting to get some on some ultimate moisture in your hair as far as doing a moisturizing treatment you want to make sure that the treatment contains humectant so that way you can draw in and draw to the surface of your hair as much water as possible and banana and honey are great for that specific need that you would have to have in your moisturizing or deep moisturizing product now with the egg does is it is in a sense one egg is used or depending on your ratios the egg just serves as a mild protein addition so the reason why is in a sense of being the moisturizing effects to more of a mild protein treatment is because the proteins found in an egg part of a larger molecular size which doesn't allow for the proteins to penetrate your hair shaft in order to make sure that you using a very intense deep protein treatment you got to make sure that you using proteins that are hydrolyzed they are scientifically configured or reconfigured so that way the molecular weight is lighter and thus allows for the actual protein to go into the hair shaft the proteins in eggs are larger than it is for a product that is made of a hydrolyzed protein so when you are on using those ingredients and is that you suggested to actually moisturize your hair or actually serve as a treatment it's in a sense a mild protein treatment or a very highly effective deep conditioning treatment for your hair the second thing that I'm going to stay is that you have to make sure that you're on keeping up with your trims that you also keeping your hair moisturized and that you are protective styling the best way to grow your hair especially if you have kinky course even long hair as well as also natural or relaxed hair well is that you are protective styling what protective styling means is that all of your hair is covered the you don't have to use any more heat or styling to actually maintain the look of your hair as you can see what I have now I have in crochet Senegalese twist in my hair and I don't have to add any heat to it or any additional product to style my hair if I want to style it I could put in the ponytail were down to put them braids or whatever I would like but even if I do that my hair is still protected because it's not exposed through this style will protect the style does is allows for you to not place any additional manipulation on your real hair as a wound within your extensions which allows for the manipulation to be literally nonexistent on your hair strands themselves so that way you can retain more length because if you notice if you possibly braiding your hair every night for we twisting your hair every night to preserve the look in the end will eventually become brittle and dry and possibly so when you're protective styling it's helping is to actually grow your hair because it's allowed for the ends to stay tucked or preserved and then what trims are doing is allowing you to not have the stagnant length a lot of individuals will have a stagnant length with the hair which means there hair doesn't just doesn't seem to be growing is because the ends are possibly breaking off as quickly as it's growing in and hair grows on average about half an inch a month so of your hair is breaking off at that rate or a little less it will seem as if your hair is growing slow is not growing at all or your hair is actually get shorter this has a lot to do with keeping your ins trimmed because splitting ends and broken ends will continue to split all the way up until the hair is gone so make sure you keep damage at bay by keeping up with your trims and also by keeping your hair moisturized dry hair tends to become brittle it becomes weaker when it's dry and also it's more prone to breakage because through just handling and manipulating and styling your hair dry hair is not as flexible as what hair if you notice wet hair is pretty stretchy dry hair it doesn't offer much stretch of your constantly combing through dry hair is going to suffer more breakage than what hair will if it's wet and slippery so that way it can have the elasticity when you are styling keep your hair moisturized to allow it to remain elastic and incorporate all these tips to get you started on growing your hair do you don't have to always use egg honey and banana for deep conditioning treatment to help you to maintain moisturized hair you have to just incorporate the basic elements of hair care so that way your stopping damage right right at the point of the beginning your keeping it away and also keeping your hair moisturized things like that so thank you for your email I hope that's helped and I can't wait to see how things go for you keep in touch when you can and also I want to thank you all for watching so as well before you go make sure to sign up for my email list so that way you can be automatically entered into any giveaways that I do and also only their you will receive exclusive content so until then I'll see all of you in my very next video

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