Moisturizers For Natural Hair Care & GROWTH!

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of one of my most popular books the natural hair Bible and founder of and for these videos I love to answer the questions you all send me via email so any of you have any questions that you will like for me to answer be sure to check out the description box below for additional information so now to get right on into the video in this video is because of a question Shirley sent me Shirley emailed me because she says she has very thick hair but the problem is is that because her strands are fine she has a hard time finding a good moisturizing that doesnt weigh her hair down so Shirley I'm going to give you some things to look out for and consider when choosing the best moisturizer for your hair especially since you have fine hair so the first thing I want to suggest is that when you are looking for moisturizers the only oils that should be in your product are shaft penetrating oils shaft penetrating oils is the only oil that's best for doing so which is oils classified as cold pressed virgin oil now the product can say that has virgin oil in it byt that that type of oil is a was going to be best in your specific situation coldpressed oils to do a better job of penetrating the hair shaft instead of laying on the outside of the hair shaft which is why you have a greasy or weighed down feeling with your hair you have to look for products that only contain oils if it contains oils that it has cold pressed virgin oils and other second thing I'm going to mention is that depending on what oils you figured work best for you are not a good oil to try out for the very first thing that you want to use for your hair is to look for jojoba oil, jojoba oil matches more perfectly to the natural sebum that we all excrete from her scalp in this is a natural oil that protects your hair that everyone produced naturally jojoba oil is the best oil that mimics sebum so it's lighter it's easier on hair he doesn't weigh hair down as much this is probably the best choice for you to consider as your first option using oils on your hair and on the very last thing I'm going to mention if you are using other styling products such as gel creams or butters is that you want to use them sparingly so use them if you want more of the weighed down type of feel with your hair depending on if you want your hair styles to last a little bit longer or you just want to try different things on your hair only use these products barely when you need to to give you more hold or to allow your hair to weigh down a little bit more than what it actually does so I know sometimes it can be tricky or trying to find products that will help with fine hair all you have to do is make sure to stay away from those heavier oils always look for coldpressed virgin oil since these are what will be best for your hair thank you for your email Shirley and also want to thank everyone else was watching until next time I'll see you all in my next video

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