Female With Receding Hairline REMEDIES!

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of one of my most popular books the natural hair Bible and founder of for these videos I love to answer the questions you all send me via email so any of you have any questions you like for me to answer be sure to check out the description box below for additional information so I was to get right on into the video in this video is because of a question Lisa sent Lisa emailed me to say that she has 3 month old kinky twist and also the fact that she is noticing that her hair line is thinning since going natural she is just having so many problems so she wants me to give her some suggestions helps tips tricks whatever I can get to help her to repair her hair and to also be able to still were extensions in the meantime so the very first thing that I want to mention is that you want to eliminate any tension is on your hair line the matter if it's kinky twist or braids or whatever kind of style that you do want to wear you want to make sure that you're either slicking on your edges are just completely leaving them out that way you can help your hair to actually grow back without the added weight of extensions being placed on your hair line the very next thing I'm going to suggest is that to help stimulate more hair growth is to try Jamaican black castor oil now I personally have never had to use Jamaican black castor oil I have never had problems with breakage on my edges I maintain having healthy edges but Jamaican black after oil works for so many people there so many successful stories about using it so I want you to do is try implementing the Jamaican black castor oil into your regimen and a good way to implement is to just put a little bit on your fingers rubbing along your scalp in your edges before going to bed this will greatly help you to grow back your hair now the very last thing I'm going to suggest is that if you are going to still wear extensions to wear something is a little bit more easier on your hair line such as crochet braids crochet braids are one of the best style that I highly suggest for someone who wants to still were extensions but is having problems with their edges or want to have help with growing their edges crochet braids the beauty with the style is that all you have to do is add extensions onto your braids instead of individually adding extensions along your hairline with this style that I have here I have kinky twists along the perimeter of my head as well as crochet braids done in the middle and this technique or this new style that am wearing is called the Mrs. Rutter's perimeter crochet kinky twist hairstyle you can wear the style if you want but because you're trying to go your edges I suggest that you just where crochet braids for now so by implementing all those tips this will help you to grow back your hair and is always contain the same more emails if you have any more additional things you need help or for any other questions you need answer as well as everyone else was watching as well until then I'll see you all next time

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