SECRETS On How To Grow Black Hair Longer!

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of one of my most popular books the natural hair Bible and founder of for these videos I answer the questions you all send me via email so you have any questions that you would like for me to answer be sure to check out the description box below for additional information so when you get right on to this video and this video is because of Carol's email Carol emailed me because she says that she made the most horrible decision ever to relax her hair and now she desperately wants her curls back so she really needs some help and she wants to know how to get her curls back now after she has relaxed her hair so Carol so so sorry to hear that and also want to mention it that's why it's extremely careful that if you want to be apply any chemical treatments your hair like relaxers or the color be sure that that's exactly what you want because it is a permanent decision so now I'm going to get into some things that you can do to get your hair back the number one thing that you want to do this is the only thing that you can do is to allow your natural hair to grow back there is no product that reverses a relaxer treatment because it's a permanent process they straightens your hair permanently so you can't just put a product on or put something in it to make it just all of a sudden boom here's your natural hair right back to you have to allow your natural hair to grow back so that way you can have it once again and you can do this either two ways you can drastically cut off your relaxed hair which is called the big chop or you can chop off small pieces at a time overtime which is called transitioning so that's the fork in a road for you is what do you choose do you choose to let your hair grow a little bit or literally to shave all of your relaxer off or do you transition by over time clipping small amounts off of the relaxed hair so now the second tip that I am going to suggest for you Carol is that if you do not want to do a the big chop and you would rather go with the transitioning side depending on how long you want to do it I highly suggest that you were styles that can blend the two textures so styles that helped of course are twist outs braid outs bantu knot outs flat twist outs but one of the most popular options for blending hair that's transitioning are using perm rods or flexi rods to put curls into your hair now it does curl the relaxed hair but it doesn't permanently curl it after you wash your hair to style is finished your relaxer is still straighter than your roots which is your natural hair the last tip that I want to suggest is that I want you to learn how to do some hairstyles with extensions that require more of a straighter look trust me if you know how to achieve these types of looks this is going to stop that from happening when you feel like oh my goodness I really want to relax my hair again I'm just tired of dealing with my natural hair I'm quite sure a lot of natural people probably go through that where the feel like I just don't want to deal with this I think I want to relax my hair and before you do that you know consider doing things like sewins such as in an invisible part such as a for sewin or even a partial sewin where you can leave a little bit of your real hair out to blend into your extensions there so many options to choose from that if you truly don't want the permanent decision of relaxing your hair you can achieve straighter hair by doing so many styles and I've taught all of the DVDs of each style that I've mentioned for you to learn how to do each of them step-by-step in detail and of course if you don't want to do them yourself you can always visit a salon in your area or someone who can do your hair for you to achieve those looks so those are all of your options that I've given you to help you to get your natural hair back ladies please be extremely careful when you're considering a permanent decision because you can't undo it besides just cutting it off and allowing your real hair to grow back so Carol thank you for the email and I know that things are going to be on up for you this keep your head strong and focus on the things that you really want to do and half with your hair and I hope this video has help all of you go watching as well whether or not you consider relaxing your hair or not and until then I will see you all in my very next video

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