Determining Hair Type For Natural Hair

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of one of my most popular books the natural hair Bible and founder of for these videos I love to answer the questions you all send me via email so if any of you watching have any questions you would like for me to answer check out the description box below for additional information so we can get right on into this video in this video today is because of an email that Kenny sent me can he says that she really doesn't fit into one specific type of curl pattern or texture so she really doesn't know how to identify her hair which leads into the type of products that she should use so I'm just going to break down some things that's going to help you to identify what you have and what you want to do to make sure that you are using products that work best for your hair so the very first thing that I am going to mention is that you can always refer to my book the natural hair Bible if you want to have a full breakdown about the type of hair that you have in chapter 1 or excuse me in commandment one and commandment five in my book I talk to specific details thoroughly about what texture is and then also about what you're curl pattern is texture is differ from curl pattern because texture is based on how your hair feels in the curl pattern is based on how your hair looks in the Andre hair Walker on this using the Andre Walker hair typing system is focused on the look of your hair which is your curl pattern and then the LOIS hair typing system is focused on more of your texture what the LOIS is of the was hair typing system each letter stands for the actual look of what your hair looks like so the L is representative of hair that has a lot of angles and then O represents hair that is more curly or coily it's more of a circular look to your hair I stands for hair that is hair predominantly straight and S stands for more of a wavy hair so this is more of the older version I would say for hair typing and as well as as far as making sure what kind of texture your hair is because the texture of your hair usually falls into about three different categories its either silky thready or cottony this is just the feel of your hair all three of these different textures of hair require different types of oils in your products to achieve the look that you want's for instance if you have silky hair or silky feeling hair you notice that you don’t have to have a lot of oils to help you achieve the look that you want because silky hair is usually already naturally shiny so you don't need much product to make sure that you are keep in your cuticles closed now want to just keep rambling on about it but that my book is filled with all this information that I am saying here and more about that now the second thing I'm going to mention is that you can use of course what I have said is the LOIS hair typing system to figure out what your texture is like the LOIS typing system focuses on the texture and feel of your hair by the Andre Walker system focuses want the look of your hair and then the third thing I'm going to mention is that you can always just refer to what other people use on their hair by what’s similar to yours so I know what your hair type or texture is or what you think you can identify as but from based on looking at someone's hair you can tell what kind of curl pattern they have but me with my curl pattern I don't necessarily have silky textured hair I have more of a cottony and some thready areas in my hair that more identifies the texture so I don't have to use the same type of product someone else uses it they have more of a silky grade to their hair so by looking at people's hair to figure out what kind of products you should use does help but it does not pinpoint what will work for you because you don't actually know the feel and texture of grade of what their hair is like so in order to understand exactly what your texture and curl pattern is you have to read my book if you want a full understanding to know which category you specifically fit into so that way you can match the products accordingly so thanks for your email thank you all for watching and just refer to the description box for any more information you want to know as far as products is best for your hair as well so thanks and until then I will see you all in my next video

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