Natural Black Hair WONT GROW!! WHY??!

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of the books the natural hair Bible and founder of and for these special videos I love to answer all of the questions you all send me via email so any of you have any questions you would like for me to answer be sure to check out the description box below for additional information so we going to get right on into the video in this video is because of a question I received from Hannah, Hannah emailed me because she wants to know if its true for black women to grow long hair she's biracial and she's been told all her life that she has good hair because it can grow very fast and grow very long so she wants me to help her to understand whether or not some of these things are true and that's exactly what I want to do am going to give you some insight as far as it goes with black woman hair and why it seems like a such a problem to grow long hair so the first thing I'm going to address is that black hair is usually the most kinkiest and curliest of hair types so even though you may not maybe identify yourself as a black woman there so many different kinds of women who may not identify themselves as a black woman as well but they could have extremely curly your coily hair where a big mixing part of so many different types of ethnicities so sometimes it may be as if you would assume your hair is more curly or when in fact is maybe not as curly is what you thought based on the type of people that you see so black hair by nature is very curly and coily and sometimes wavy and because of this discredits a lot of weak points along the way for hair damage or hair breakage to happen me personally I have very coily hair my hair is identified as 4c hair type and because of my hair so curly and sometimes even afro textured like it gets very tangled sometimes because my hair is very so what I have to do is make sure that when it is wet its maintained in some kind of braids or twists to keep my hair as elongated or stretched as possible to stop my strands from continuing to wond around each other because of if I allow that have happen I am going to have to really detangle my hair and more more manipulation you put on your hair you are increasing the risk of breakage happening so that's a big reason as to why some black women may even feel like they have no chance are going long hair because they are always trying to combat hair damage another thing is that black hair as well because its curly and coily and wavy and kinky is that is harder to keep it moisturized the reason why is because everyone produces natural oils on their scalp and all over their body your on your skin on your scalp everywhere in this oil is called sebum what happens is the sebaceous glands in your scalp excrete sebum which is a natural oil protectant that is going to protect your hair against weather against anything debris and even keeping a moisture as well sebum is a natural balance to protect your hair and to keep your hair balanced with moisture the thing with curly hair is that there so many winds and turns and bends is that when you are producing sebum it's sometimes difficult for the sebum to travel all the way down the hair that's why will people who have straight hair usually maybe of the Asian descent or Caucasian descent they usually have problems with combating with oily hair because it's very present and very easy for oil to slide down strange strands so with curly hair it's hard for your sebum to reach all the way down your hair strands which is a natural protectant to keep water into your hair so I hope you still with me over not losing you and what I am just stating is that because your hair is more curly and oils are able to really distribute natural oils are really able to distribute down your hair oftentimes this leaves your hair to be more dryer the other hair times so this is a big deal when it comes to black hair is keeping your hair moisturized whether or not you are relaxed or natural this is something you cost me have to keep in mind that the very nature of your hair tends to be drier than other hair types so with these tips I want you to understand that there is no one that grows hair faster I mean we all have different factors as fast as how fast our individual hair growth is it differs from whether or not you are male or female the health the condition of your health even the areas that you live in everything that you are exposed to has a lot to do with the rate of your hair grow so no one's hair grows any faster than another it seems to be that way because it may be easier for different people to be able to retain their length and what I mean by that is it may be easier for someone else to keep their hair longer in the sense of not having as much breakage to deal with so it's very easy honestly is very easy to grow long healthy hair even if you're black woman there are so many people around in this world have long hair and I mean that kinkiest and coiliest of strands that we way past their shoulders and there is even shrinkage to consider and into that as well so they hair is even long hair like you are just you see so I want you to know everything everyone telling you is so false maybe it's just an excuse to feel like walking around saying my hair cant grow long like you are just blesse with good hair everyone has good hair if your hair look good it's feels good and healthy you have good hair so Im glad you sent me that question I'm glad I could help and I know this is going to help so many other women as well who may even struggle with achieving a length that they want what I want those women to do specifically is to educate themselves on how to have healthy hair and is the main reason why I wrote this book is because so many of you asked me how to develop a regimen how to keep my hair healthy because I get so many loaded questions I thought the best place to put all the more information is the one book that you can read and develop a specific regimen and use specific products and techniques for your service if the head of hair so thank you for sending me that question I'm glad I can answer that and I know this is going to help other people too as well and before any of you go make sure to sign up for my email is to be automatically entered for giveaways and only their you will receive the content so until then I will see you all in my next video

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