Going Natural While Wearing Weave? Natural Hair Advice FOR BEGINNERS!

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of the book the natural hair Bible and founder of and for these videos I love to answer the questions you are sending me via email so any of you have any questions you would like for me to answer be sure to check out the description box below for additional information so without further ado with going to get right on into the video in this video today is inspired by email I received from a guy named Raydeem he emailed me because he told me that he's tired of having to get his daughter's hair relaxed to maintain her hair specifically because she suffers from a sensitive scalp and she always is a lot of difficulties with getting it relaxed also he mentioned that when she was younger she used to have natural hair and he wants to figure out how to get her hair back to the natural state without needing the relaxers how to maintain her hair from there on out so Raydeem I'm super excited that you send you this email because it's kind of cool I get emails from guys within their father's boyfriends husbands whatever the case may be I just love getting different emails in different perspectives from different people so that I can give you advice that you will need a your own unique situation so as long as you all keep the emails coming I can keep these videos coming so Raydeem I'm going to give you three things that I want you to keep in mind and incorporate while helping your daughter transition from relaxed hair natural hair so the very first thing I want to tell you is that this piece of information is going to trump everything in its entire video because everything is in contained within this specific thing nothing is left out nothing is leaving you to wonder what to do or where to go what to buy and that is my book the natural hair Bible this case as well as any other case or any other situation is an inspiration as to why I wrote this book the natural hair Bible this is to help anyone transition from relaxed to natural hair whether you know a lot about hair with you don't know anything about hair or even if you are just totally confused as to what to do with your hair this will take you from start to finish as far as what kind products you need to buy or look out for by their ingredients the styles you can do to wear with your hair and all the information that you would need to make sure that you're doing everything right to have thriving healthy natural hair so the very first thing I suggest is that you go ahead and purchase my book the natural hair Bible to learn everything there is to know to start having your daughter hair grow healthy and maintain its natural state the second thing I'm going to mention is that before you just go ahead and stop her from getting relaxer treatments and cutting her hair off by doing the big chop where before you decide to do anything I want you to talk to your daughter I want you to address the things that she likes about her hair that she doesn't like about her hair the things that she would like to do with her hair and the steps that she would like to take the transition with that move I know you want to do was best for your daughter but was best for your daughters also was best for her and whats best for you so you can have a happy child that loves what's going on with her hair so what I want you to do is just talk to her and ask her if she would be willing to do the big chop or maybe if she wants to come to start trimming her hair down like really get so what how she likes to see her hair what style she likes to wear and I want you to adapt upon that as you start to have her hair to go more to its natural state and the very last thing I'm going to mention of course that I want you to make sure that you are subscribed to my channel so somewhere near this video you gonna see little boxe that says subscribe and at this point in time it will be red if you are subscribed and it will be white if you are not so just make sure that you are subscribed to this channel so that I can deliver you content want haircare tips like this video I can give you advice I can teach you to toil in different things to do with your hair to make sure that staying healthy and that is being styled so you can watch these videos with your daughter this is a very family-friendly channel no cursing or bad language so anyone can watch this video and learn from it I want you to soak up all the information that I'm given I want to watch all the steps of tutorials of different haircare different haircare videos that I had to just continue to educate yourself the book alone is enough to go natural with your daughter but if you want other things to do with her hair other styles that I may introduce or other things to look more deeper into make sure you subscribe to this channel so you can see it all and so I can alert you when there's a new video and and that goes for everyone else was watching I don't know if this could be your first time watch my videos or you always subscribed the whole time I want to make sure that you are subscribed so that you are getting any new videos that I released out for you all to enjoy so thank you for sending me that question and the more questions the more videos I'll be putting out for all of you all the information to help you Raydeem and also hope that everyone was watching has learned something from this as well and before any of you go make sure to check out my description box to sign up for my email list because only their you will receive exclusive content so until then I'll see you all in my very next

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