How To Fix Relaxed Hair Damage & Breakage

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of the books the natural hair Bible and founder of and for the special videos I love to answer all of the questions you all send me via email so if you have any questions that you would like for me to answer be sure to check out the description box below for additional information so we going to get right down to the topic of this video and this is all about stiff relaxed hair a girl named Abigail wrote me an email and she told me that she loved my videos she loves what I does love what I that she loves what I do is you want some advice as far as how to stop her relaxed hair from being stiff she's always relaxed her own hair and she has been doing for so long but she ended up a while to where she's used to the motion and she knows what to expect but what she doesn't expect is the fact that her hair is continuing to stiffen up so I really know what she might step I don't know if it just feels like straw or hay why don't know if she's getting breakage I'm not really sure because she didn't clarify much on being stiff and what stiff mean so I am going to give her some pointers this is what to consider with the fact that she does relax hair some things that she can do and to some encouragement as well so as you know I do have natural hair I have nothing against relaxed hair and is why I really wanted to answer this email because I don’t get a lot of questions in regards to relaxed hair and I definitely wanted to encourage or any of you that may think about relaxing your hair or you do what you been a little scared the write me you may think I'm just going to go all crazy about it but no all hair is different you can have natural relaxed or whatever I'm here to give you the best tips and advice that you will personally need to help your hair get better so because he relaxed your hair Abigail want you to know that during this process you are stripping your hair of protein you have to add a molecular level which are relaxer breaks down the protein bonds of your hair and there with a synthetic protein bond which was your hair to remain straight this is irreversible and the only way to not have relaxed hair anymore is to stop relaxing your relaxed hair and cut off your relaxed hair so you probably already know this but I just want to put that out there that if you are natural there is no such thing as being natural and relaxing your hair because being natural means your hair is not relaxed so keep that in mind that the problems will always come back a long way from one another is that you probably have a lack of protein in your hair and is exactly the answer that I have for your stiff hair is the stiff hair is usually hair that doesn't have much elasticity it is a how much elasticity has too much protein and not enough moisture so even though I said you stripping your hair protein you still have to incorporate protein into your hair because it's not the natural protein bonds that you created by relaxing in my book I'm going to extensive detail as far as what happens at a molecular level when you are relaxing and the different things that you do and don't want to do in a situation even though my book is called the natural hair Bible I give a lot of tips and a lot of different things as to what you may experience with your relaxed hair and some different things you can do to help your hair as well so I want you to do is to do a protein treatment theres plenty of products out there for you to do or use on your hair to incorporate more protein and what I want you to do is make a very educated response to what you use on your hair the best thing to use for your hair is what always vote and that is all natural products and ingredients and those are some things that I suggest my book as well but you'll have to buy my book or you will have to purchase it to get the specific product for the specific breakdown of ingredients for your hair what you can do is search the web for the best protein American hair simply type that into your web browser or going to Amazon or anywhere to search the best protein treatment for relaxed African-American hair or relaxed black hair you will see a lot of suggestions by people were just like you will use protein treatments to help balance the hair so that's one common issue with relaxed hair is that because you stripping that protein away there's not enough protein and that's why the most common thing is usually not enough protein that you're not anything like you have a lack of moisture when you want to do is start incorporate deep conditioning treatment so even though you told me Abigail that your hair stiff I don't know if this stiff and it breaks or stiff only because it does happen of elasticity so if you're not even sure yourself I suggest that you balance the two in the best way to balance the two is to use a very moisturizing conditioner to deep conditioning your hair or to do it protein treatment or to incorporate some protein so because you're not sure as far as if you're lacking protein I don't want to go out and buy protein treatment right away I know I just suggested that you look on the web for it but because you don't know of your lacking protein of moisture when you want to do is have hydrolyzed protein within your hair product to put on your hair so the best thing I like to use when I feel like my head is a little bit of protein Africa sheen braid spray is sober moisturizing but it also has a very common ingredient in a hydrolyzed protein hydrolyzed protein a small protein molecule that will bind to the hair follicles and it will help restore more protein onto your hair and into your hair as well so that's what I suggest that you can try to use but everyone's hair is different so there may not be enough protein for you the point of the saw is that you have to understand what you're doing to your hair on the same and relaxing your hair for a while but you are going to always wanted to different things when you don't know the knowledge is necessary to continue want so there's problems when I even have may have stiff hair and I know that's because I haven't been doing my deep conditioning treatments that week or the following week and that's when I know I have to Incorporate it so I want to check out description box below because I did write an extensive blog about trying to figure out with you have enough moisture or protein in your hair and also suggest different things that you can use to create or restore that balance so whether you have relaxed hair transitioned hair natural hair we all need moisture and protein without protein i don’t think we would even be alive because using protein even keep your body functioning as well as your hair to keep your hair healthy so Abigail hope that has helped you know more stiff relaxed hair because there would like to have you want to but you got to know what you doing you got to know which one incorporate to keep your hair healthy and I hope this also help all of you while watching as well and remember to check the description box for any information you want to know more about also to figuring out how to go about emailing me so thank you all for watching so much and course I'll see you all in my next video

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