How To Manage Thick But Fine Hair

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of the book the natural hair Bible and founder of and for these special videos I love to answer all of the questions you all send me via email so you have any questions that you would like for me to answer be sure to check the description box below for additional information so without further ado we are going to talk about the topic of being frustrated with natural hair I got an email from a girl named Christine, Christine emailed me and told me that she's had natural hair for a while actually a little under two years she's had natural hair for a pretty long time she knows the ropes of it but it's becoming too time-consuming too frustrating and she's thinking of other options to do with her hair so I don't know what her other options our whether it's too buzz it all off to relax it or I don't know so what I want to do is give her the best answers possible with information and she's given me so that she can continue on with her hair and not be so frustrated about it so Christine sounded like she was really upset and angry that is taking her forever to just do her hair she was just explaining how frustrating is in just how time-consuming it is and the biggest time-consuming thing about natural hair is usually the maintenance part of it's usually the deep conditioning treatment is the detangling and sometimes the styling but the biggest thing for me personally has always been detangling and it seems to be a lot of people who also agree with the same thing as well so Christine the best thing that I am going to suggest for you to do is to go about maintaining and detangling or whatever you're doing to your hair on the moment when you have pure downtime can be anything to anyone to me downtime means that I don't have anything planned for the whole entire day that means I can kick back relax a little bit watch a movie and then detangle my hair and then deep condition my hair and style my hair is need for you your down times when your kids are asleep if you are a busy mom and you know that every time there up you you're on the go the best moment of peace is when they are all sleep and cute in their beds that the moment you want to go for it and do everything you need to do with your hair white have that window of opportunity for others is simply a day off work Friday Saturday or Sunday whatever day you have open to where you don't too much going on but you know you can take care of your hair do it on that day the worst thing is to go about detangling your hair styling your hair when you are in a rush you want to imagine all the stories I hear about people rushing off to work and they literally have their comb stuck to the back of your head that is so embarrassing I don't want you all going through that I want you to take the time make sure you have some downtime to caring for your hair so the second thing that I want to help Christine as far as it goes with her taking care of her hair is that you want to make sure that your hair stretched in all situations if you are styling your hair your hair should have been previously stretched so to comb will go through your hair much easier if you washing your hair make sure to do so in sections and it needs to be stretched when I wash my hair or condition my hair I like to put my hair in braids or twists what I usually like to do what I know is the works best for me is that I twist the roots just a little bit and then I braid the very ends just so that the twist don’t unravel and start to get real messy and this is a regimen that I broke down in my book the natural hair Bible is now solidify a technique that's going to work for you and your hair type of your hair is really Curly you want to use smaller sections iif your hair is a lot looser you could probably do so freely without it being confined in stretched state or do so in huge chunks so you have like 4 big braids of your hair is wavy so that you can do your whole haircare routine so the second piece of advice that I have for you Christine is that your hair has to be stretched in all situations and in the last and final tip that I want to give you is that you want to where a style that is going to last you until your next washday so if you love bantu knot outs like I do if you love the style you will usually doesn't last too long unless you do them very small and what you notice is that sometimes you have to re-twist them and do it again you have to re-twist them and do it again maybe every night or every other night every three nights my best suggestion is that you use a style that is going to last you for a while now you don't have to do is all the time but is really important that you start doing it now because you're at the point of frustration and when a lot of ladies are the point of frustration a lot of things happen that you probably regret you don’t want to buzz it off cut it off or relax it and feel like oh no I liked my hair but I was just frustrated so at this moment get a style that is going to last for a while at that moment where I feel like I really want to deal with my hair to washday what I do is I wear it styled like a partial sew in a full sewin box braids Senegalese twists crochet braids the list is endless I don't have to deal with my hair until my next washday you will come out of those natural hair blues but I want you to use something that is going to last for a while even if you don't want to wear extensions where mini twists don't unravel them leave in and style your hair in a cute way that is going to last you until your washday this is a really big piece of advice that I want to get all of you naturals out there with your new naturals seasoned naturals or you just don't know what natural is any style that the last one to your washday is best when you're frustrated and on wits ends with dealing with your hair so Christine please stay encouraged you seem like you really love your natural hair you probably just a little bit of break maybe you're doing your hair too frequently is becoming tiring for you pick some type of style that is going to last you until your next wash day whether you washday is next week whether its next Friday or whether its two weeks from now depending on your regimen find something that's going to last you so that frustration and tone down and you can fall in love with your hair again so I hope this video has helped you I hope this has helped everyone else was watching as well and remember to check my description box for any additional information you would like to know more about or any links that will help guide you in a direction that you need to so as always thank you watching the next the video

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