Blow Drying 4C Natural Hair!

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of the books the natural hair Bible and founder of and I wanted to come and bring you all it will a quick video about a product that I have really fallen in love with I was looking for some type of hair dry system works blow dryer kit or something that can help me to blowdry my hair more quickly and evenly because the thing is why like to put my hair twist it takes a long time to dry and probably because of the oils that I use in my hair along with it being thick as well so when I use a hand blow dryer and I try to blowdry certain spots I get lazy my good tires so one side of my head maybe wet and the other side may be dry and then the back of my neck will feel sensitive because of the heat so I just said I can’t do this I have to find something that work for me saw when I was looking online I found this item called the hair bonnet blowdry or just the hair bonnet and dryer and his justice on little was kind of feels like polyester spandex, been it expands and allows the hair to help circulate on your own hair and I'm not being sponsored by the any company not being paid some of this product is a product that I generally was looking for and I spent my own money on to find something that would help me dry my hair better so you can get this colori in either silver or gold and I have the same goal I have any preference of this chose ago one so not open the package is very compact and is super super flexible there is a hood that goes around your head and then as a hose that extends out of the bottom of it for you to put around the opening of your blowdry or so is not confusing is really simple you just connect them blowdry to the end of the holes and then it blows air up to the funnel up to the hood of your actual hair bonnet and the most coolest thing about this is that there is a whole bunch of holes inside of it so you put it on your hair all of the air is coming around from everywhere in them blowdry your hair evenly and I didn't think that was something out there like this because I didnt really know to search for so I was Searching for just your regular blowdry you will see like a salon or something for you to blowdry your hair but I want some those more flexible that I could ise a home that was perfect super affordable and it gets the job done way more than what I expected so you can just use any blowdry that you have and when I use it I like to put my blowdry setting on low they can put on high but it may feel too hot for your hair depending on the type of strength your blowdry has one may feel like is to drying long hair for you so I just leave it on low and it literally takes me anywhere from 10 to about 20 minutes to dry my entire head versus using a blowdry or trying to switch from side to side and a take anywhere from hour to two hours so I don't even know how you are doing out there with the superlong hair and then you have to dry final summary you what is probably struggle with it being still wet overnight and this is the perfect thing to use because in if you do have long hair you to spend all of this is my hair short I just popped it right on my head when I have plans with the braids and then I plug my blowdry one hand and then I just turned on and to sit there for about 10 to 20 minutes and in my hair is completely dry so I thought this is such a cool product to share with you because I'm never seen anything like it so I thought it but I will be really sweet to share with you are something that I have found so be sure to go on down to description box so you can click the link and check it out when you purchase it for yourself is really cool product and also if you have any more questions with them down in the comment section as well and until next time I'll see you all next video

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