Dandruff Natural Hair Remedies!

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of the book the natural hair Bible and founder of for these special videos I love to answer all of the questions you all send me via email so you have any questions that you would like for me to answer be sure to check out the description box for additional information so without further ado we are going to get right on into the video in this video is inspired by a question that was sent then from a lady named Carrie, Carrie emailed me and she wants to know how to combat dandruff she specifically wants to know what she needs to do to help reduce the amount of dandruff she is having so I don't know how severe or how moderate her dandruff situation is so I what I am going to do is just give you some tips and just educate you about what dandruff is a some different things that you can do to combat the issue that you're having so if you know or may not know dandruff is a buildup of dead cells that doesn't mean you're not taking care of yourself or something is wrong with you that's just what dandruff means for some people it's very moderate and for some it's super extreme so if you're trying to shampoo your hair more often keep your hair moisturized and even messaging your scalp to increase circulation and you are is doing everything and nothing is working I highly suggest that you seek a specialist in your area that can see her scalp and mentor you one on one to understand your lifestyle your habits products you are using on your hair and different things to help you lay the perfect plan to help you kind of moderate your dandruff that you're experiencing but a great way to make sure to keep your dandruff at a low and to prevent them from building up is to wash her hair dandruff is a buildup of dead skin cells so what you want to do is probably shampoo a little bit more often now if you already have a routine I suggest that you adjust something because of not you want to continue to have this problem and not know where it's coming from and it could be plenty of different reasons as to why you're experiencing dandruff you may think its dandruff but it could even be product buildup so that's why is very important that you shampoo your hair a little bit more frequently if you use heavy products that are hard to get out of your hair another tip is that you want to drink water more frequently when you don't drink enough water your skin will even become really dry and it's more apparent to see dead skin cells flaking everywhere so if you are not hydrated from the inside it's going to be a problem that could come up is experiencing dandruff and also you can make sure to moisturize from the outside by just co washing more frequently in keeping your scalp moisturized this will help as well because as you get rid of dead skin cells and things like that if you are dry and dehydrated its just going to be a problem for you to keep combating those different things so those are some tips that I want to keep in mind is that just tweaking different things as far drinking more water washing your hair more frequently and even make sure to lock in that moisture keep and moisturized scalp by running some oiled fingers across the your scalp this will help you to actually keep your scalp hydrated as well so just try to do some different tips that I have suggested to see what will work for you and if you're in your wits and and nothing is helping then I highly suggest that you seek someone a specialist in your area that could assist you personally one on one with your specific situation so for the rest of you watching I hope this has helped as well because I know sometimes dandruff can be a problem and usually it's probably because your maybe dehydrator not drinking enough water what is keeping your scalp moisturized and also before you go make sure to sign up for my email list to be automatically entered for any giveaways that do and you will receive exclusive content as well so until next time I will see you all in my next video

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