How To Find A Good Hairstylist! Here's Help!

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of the book the natural hair Bible and founder of for the special videos I love to answer all the questions you all send me via email so any of you have any questions you would like for me to answer be sure to check out the description box below for additional information so we are going to get right on into the video this video is inspired by email I received from Melanie, Melanie emailed me because she wants to know how she can find a good hairstylist she's not really that good at doing her own hair and it's better for her to get someone else to him or her so she wants me to give her some guidance as far as how to find and choose a good hairstylist for her so Melanie what I want to do is give you five questions that you are going to ask your hairstylist and if they pass the test Im quite sure they're going to be the perfect person to do your hair question number one do you have a cosmetology license this is the most important question you are going to ask any hairstylist before anyone does your hair the reason why is because you want to make sure you are dealing with a licensed professional yes there are a lot of people out here who are not licensed and who can do hair just as well as someone who is licensed but there is a difference and usually in the amount of knowledge that these people have so is always best especially when it comes your hair is that the safest route to go is to go with someone who is licensed question number two what kind of sewing thread do you use to sew in your extensions I know this question seems a little bit weird because it’s like dos it really matter sewing thread and why is this question number two the reason why is because this will tell you a lot about the type of style is that you are dealing with a stylus may respond by saying well I just use regular thread and they should be able to confide in you why they're using what they are using on your hair and the reasons why they need to be very specific in the way that they answer your questions to help you feel comfortable and the answer that the stylist to tell you when they tell you what kind of sewing thread that you is that they use nylon sewing thread and of course even if they say that's the thread they use you can still ask them why because they may say well it’s better for your hair you don't want to use cotton thread because it will strip your hair moisture and create a lot of weak points of so and so forth so when you ae talking with the stylist you will get a lot of insight as to how knowledgeable they are and what they're doing and if they know what they're doing so if a stylist says well I just use regular sewing thread then thy probably are not as professional or maybe not as skilled as what you have hope for someone going to be doing your hair so yes sewing thread is important because I mentioned this because a lot of women do like where so in extensions so you want to know that the proper thread is being used to keep your hair thriving and growing healthy question number three do you have pictures of your work this is a very important question because a pro knows how important it is to show what they can do there are some people who are new to doing hair and even if that licensed they may not have many pictures so if they've already met the requirements so far from you as far as these questions but they don’t have many pictures that could be because they don't have much experience or their new to doing hair or it could even mean that they're just starting to become serious about doing hair so you want to go with someone who has tons of pictures and the pictures that they have I want you to be comfortable with those type of styles that they are doing for your own hair so if you like wearing sew ins and so you want to look at pictures or finding hairstylist that does a lot of sewins to want to really go to someone that specializes in the exact thing that you like because that will ultimately be the most perfect fit hands-down guaranteed as a stylist for you so you like wearing micro braids I suggest that you go to someone who specializes in doing braids so they can do micro braids single braids they can even do sew ins but what I'm really trying to stress the point is that you want to go to someone who usually does a certain type of style or a certain type of look that is exactly what you would like to make sure they have tons of pictures the more pictures the better because this shows how professional they are and how much skill and practice they put into perfecting hair question number four how do I maintain the look of the style and how do I maintain my real hair as well make sure that you ask this question every single time before you get a new style done to your hair so if you have already chosen your hairstylist and they happen to do a new style on your hair make sure you know what you need to do to maintain the look whether you need to flexi rods the ends or you need to wrap your hair at night to maintain the look of the style and also asked them how to maintain your real hair as well so they may suggest that you want to use an oil water mixture to spray on your braids and twists or anything like that they should be able to easily spill out everything you need to do to maintain the look of your hairstyle as well as your real hair and if they're struggling and have a hard problem doing that I highly suggest that you take another hairstyle that will be a better fit for you question number five what kind of haircare books do you recommend for helping me take care of my hair this is by far I think the best question you are going to ask your hairstylist or someone you interested in because this will reveal a lot of knowledge that that person has in regards to hair in the beginning I told you to ask this person whether or not he or she is licensed and if they said yeah they could be why so what you want to do is ask them for haircare books that they suggest it right off the bat anyone will spend the ontology school will recommend to you the cosmetology book that they've learned from and they have read when taking care of hair as well as other books as well so by asking this question you're not really as much interested in the specific book they have to offer what you are interested in is if they can even offer you any books at all this reveals if their knowledge or not and even if they are also keeping up with learning about hair continuously the best hairstylists can suggest to you so many books the limitless amount of books they can just you because that's what they do you want to go to someone thats all about hair you don't want to have someone doing your hair that treats a lot of part-time thing or only when they feel like it or only when it's convenient the best hairstylists are people who live hair you want to go to someone who gives you what you want who specializes in the type of styles you like and someone is very knowledgeable about hair's on your quest to finding hairstylist just make sure to ask those five questions to give you a very good guidance as to whether or not you nailed the perfect person and in addition to these questions I wanted to mention to you that someone who is very good at what they do is often hard to reach at some point or at some times so most professionals usually make sure that you do a consultation with them and I know a lot of people have certain feelings for consultations because they feel like I don’t have time or I don't want to pay somebody just to tell me what I'm not doing her is doing to my hair but a professional will make sure to consult with you first to address what kind of styles you want to wear was a lifestyle like so they're giving you the right type of look if you say for instance you want color they want to make sure that they're not going to color your hair if you're not the type of person to continue to do rinses and continue to do deep conditioning treatment in common and often to make sure your hair is healthy so a pro knows the game of hair they know that it's always best to consult with someone to see what their hair goals are what their hair needs are the actual condition of your hair so they can get your hair back healthy if its damaged and so many other reasons so never run away from a consultation is a stylist tell you need a consultation that's a big sign that they are the real deal so just do your research on people in your area that you can easily access to help you with your hair and just know that a consultation will give you guidance as to who they are the type of stylist they are and what they have to offer for your hair so make sure to ask those five questions to see if there the best thing for you thank you for sending me the email and I hope this question or the video is having all of you are watching as well and before any you go make sure to sign up for my email list because it will automatically 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