Why Is My Natural Hair SHEDDING SO MUCH?

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of the book the natural hair Bible and founder of and for the special videos I love to answer all of the questions you all send me via email so you have any questions that you will like for me to answer be sure to check out the description box below this video for additional information so the topic want to talk about today is shedding Tanish emailed me and she told me that every time she detangles her hair she noticed that she sheds a lot of hair so she wanted me to give her any advice tips or suggestions that will help her to not shed so much hair so to me someone to give you three pointers onto why you probably are shedding a lot of hair or that it's just typically normal for you to shed the amount that you are shedding so the number one thing that I really want to talk about that a lot of people probably don't pay much attention to is the supplements or vitamins or prescription medications that they take so in regards to vitamins, vitamins are really good for you they help restore any nutrients that you don't have within your body and give you exactly what you need but sometimes this case is where you can actually take too much of a vitamin and a have a negative effect on your health and also in regards to prescription medication prescription medication gives a lot of different side effects sometimes it can cause infertility weight gain and what’s really, what a lot of medicines is actual hair loss so if you notice that you're losing a lot of hair ever since you've been taking something whether if it was up birth control medication or heart medicine you want to be sure go to your doctor and tell them the side effects you're having a see what can be done without taking those specific medications so that something is definitely a huge problem that a lot of people know will interfere with their hair loss and they may not have thought that that was an issue so definitely consider that if you do take medications or you take more vitamins than what you need to so the second thing that I want to talk about the help you to understand whether or not if you are losing too much hair is your hair care techniques so even if you feel you're taking care of your hair to the best way you know how be sure to just check of your products again are using products that are filled with a lot of silicones that could be very drying on your hair to use combs that has things in it do you use brushes thick plastic brushes that is hard for you on your hair you want to consider all different types of things that you're using on your hair and even down to the way that you're handling your hair because I noticed that if being just maybe a little bit too lazy when I'm detangling or I am just being a little bit to more rough than normal I will notice that it'll wreak havoc on my hair and I'll ask to see a little bit of breakage so you want to make sure to avoid handling your hair roughly take your time your detangling washing conditioning braiding twisting take your time when you're taking care of your hair to assure that you won’t shed more hair than normal which actually is breakage so when you're handling your hair and the wrong manners or even with the wrong products you think that you actually just shedding hair were really is breakage and that's one thing a lot of people get confused on is between shedding and breakage, breakage is when your hair actually breaks at a certain point on hair strands shedding is what's normal it actually loses the entire hair from the entire hair from the follicle of your scalp the entire hair follicle will go away from your scalp if you are shedding hair breakage happens when the hair breaks at a certain point so looking your hair to be able to tell even the shed hairs you see in your comb to see if it actually shedding or breakage in the last thing is that shedding is a completely normal just imagine if you see 50 hairs on both sides a and b plate has 50 shed hairs and one other plate has 50 shed hairs the one that's more curly or will look like you shedding more hair so you have curly or wavy hair and you're combing through your hair and detangling it will save my wall this is a lot of hair into my hair sometimes you may look and I was a lot but I have 4C hair is very kinky very texturized so usually looks like a lot blesses is the same amount every time I know that it’s completely normal so in regards to knowing whether or not you have too much shed hair than normal just continue the same practices you're doing and if you noticing the same amount of hair even though you check with your medications your vitamins your hair care techniques in your hair care products and you still noticing you have about the same amount of shed hair its normal when you see things that are drastically different that's when you need to check all the things is going on so Tanisha hope that help you to know that shedding is exactly what should be happening for a normal head of hair but just pay attention when you see differences and fluctuations all this video has helped you all is well and if any of you have any questions that you would like answer be sure to always check the description box below for more information and until then I will see you all in my next video

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