How To Shampoo and Conditioner THICK HAIR?

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of the book the natural hair Bible and founder of for the special videos I love to answer all the questions you all send me via email so you have any questions that you would like for me to answer be sure to check out the description box for additional information for this video is inspired by guy named Timothy in the that email you hair questions and I love getting emails from guys because it gives me a glimpse as to a different perspective that a guy may have on just hair in general so timothy emailed me and he said he has a very thick curly hair and he wants to know the best products he can use for his hair so timothy am going to give you just a little bit of things about what to look for your products and also how to go about finding your best products so first thing I want to say about this email question is that this is a very common email I get because everyone wants to know was the best product for their hair everyone has different hair there so many different products so the best way to get the best product for your hair is to know number one what your hair needs are and number two what products feel the best on your hair we buy hair products that give us what we want whether it actually does what it should do do or if it actually gives us the benefit that we were looking for which is a lot of different things from slip to moisture to repairing things that the product says it has for your hair so first what I really really want you to know timothy and everyone else watching to know is that your hair is uniquely different from my hair from Timothy's hair from your next-door neighbor's hair so the best product for your hair I simply hands-down cannot answer that for you because that is an answer you have to come to for yourself there's a lot of great products out there because there's a lot of great minds that really invest in to bringing those quality ingredients inside of their product that you will need for your hair but that does not mean that product is going to be best for your hair so that's really the biggest inspiration of why I have written the book natural hair Bible is because it's a very common question a lot of people ask me but is not a one-size-fits-all for everyone so in the book I talked about how important water was how water should be the first ingredient in your products how you should stay away from silicones how you should stay away from even other products that you may not have considered so I really don't want to bore you in a sense running down every single thing that you don't and do want and all the things that you have to consider into it that's why I have put all of the information in one place for you to read and come up with your own prescription in a sense for what you would need for your hair so timothy I cannot tell you exactly the product you need me because there's a lot of different things that go into products that may not be good for your hair and also what if I recommend a product and then they change their ingredients and you still using it in is not working for you that's why you have to know what ingredients you need inside such as different oils that may work for your specific hair texture or hair type and different products that are really good for your hair and different ingredients that are not so good so timothy what I really want you to do is just continue to research about what it is that you need for your hair before you commit to using products because right now if I buy a product and I don't read the label coming though some really pretty tough damage on my hair and that's not something that I would do recommend that you do what I really recommend that you do is research exactly the things you would need for your hair so just stay encouraged and remember that even though you have very thick curly hair there's a lot of different things you can do so it has a lot of different products that are going to be great but first you gotta start with knowledge because if you have a product that has all bad ingredients in it I don't care how many reviews again if they had all been ingredients it probably won't work out for your hair so as always be sure to check out my description box below for any additional information that I've talked about so you can continue on with learning about your hair and what your hair needs are so I thank you all so much for watching and I hope that helps you timothy and as always I will look forward to seeing you all in my next video

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