Straightening Natural Hair Without Chemicals IS STILL NATURAL?

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of the book the natural hair Bible and founder of and for these special videos I love to answer all of the questions you all soon me via email so you have any questions that you like for me to answer be sure to check out the description box below for additional information so we are going to get right onto this video and the topic of this video is about being natural it's about heat training the hair and what does being natural really mean so a lady named Sheila emailed me a question and Sheila said hey Breanna I have been natural for years and I'm not really looking for hair advice but I like to straighten my natural hair and my natural hair always reverts back to its curly state but people tell me I'm not a true natural so I want to know your take on it and what you have to say about it and if I should continue to heat train my hair or not actually he trained but she should continue to flat iron or apply heat to her hair Sheila I am going to give you some pointers on as far as what all this really means a lot people may be bombarding you about what being natural means and also to talk to you about some different things in terminology as far as it goes with applying heat or he training your hair so the first thing that I want to make sure that you all understand that Sheila understand that everyone else understands is that really the universal definition of being natural or specifically having natural hair is that your hair has not been altered by a relaxer treatment or a chemical treatment that forces it to take on a straight state or state other than your hair so if you use texturizers if your hair is heat trained or if you relax your hair technically speaking this is not natural hair natural hair is the hair that had own unique forms that growth your scalp without being permanently altered by heat or other treatments so Sheila you are natural you have natural hair especially the fact that when you straighten your hair often and your hair reverts back to exactly how it has always been your hair has not been heat damaged which is super amazing and you still have natural hair I don't know why so many women or so many guys get in on people that do things that may be out of the ordinary someone who dyes their hair yes I guess you can say technically speaking there hair to come out being blonde SO WHAT their hair has the natural texture and the natural patterns that it was when it came out of their hair so in my book they have natural hair universally with the definition that's applied to natural hair there has not been treated with any chemicals away has not been trained to the point of no return so they have natural hair don't listen to people tell you don't have natural hair and this is one topic that I really wanted to talk about in my book the natural hair Bible was about hair Nazis people tell you up and down left to right to what you should not due to your hair what you should do to your hair what you are and what you are not that so messed up because there's so many different types of curl patterns and textures and looks to hair that I hate to even define what a hairstyle is this just creativity so as long as your hair can revert back to curls like you said it's always done you are still natural and now on to the topic a little bit about heat train hair she did not ask me anything about heat trained hair she just asked me if it she still natural even though she straighten her hair now have already addressed that she is but what I want to do is talk about heat training and she's not heat train I'm sorry if I keeps saying she is heat trained is that it just keeps bouncing back and forth in my head but she likes to straighten her hair she's not not heat trained but I want to talk about heat training your hair so heat training her hair is very different in regards to what your curl pattern and texture is I have for 4C hair and for some others who may have 4c hair they may have a better time putting heat on their hair than I do but I have to do is have the temperature of my flat iron on a really low temperature to make sure that my hair can still revert back without it being too wavy or out of the ordinary so my temperatures usually about 310° you could stick with this is your first initially try to straighten your hair this is the safe temperature for everyone now that may be an exception out there was someone who just can't take heat at all and that is something you have to come to a point where you understand what your hair can handle but across the board typically speaking you can put the temperature of your flat iron and 310° and will not burn your hair what it will do is it will give you a softer look so it won't typically straighten your hair bone straight what it would do is actually just relax your texture or relax your curl pattern just a little bit and is going to revert just like that now you can continue to bump the temperature up as you adjust it to testing out your hair and any time you test out your hair always do a patch test so what I first did when I started to incorporate heat into my hairs just to give it a little test in the waters is that I would test a small patch at the nape of my neck a patch that I know that I wouldn't see through my styles what other people when really see through my styles just in case something crazy happened so I would take a little pinch I say about the width of my pinky finger and then I would straighten it on the lowest setting and and bump it up so the temperature that I am very happy with is at 370° some people feel like they really can achieve that straight look with I don't like it 400 and I never suggest 400° but if you know your hair and you done at your hair in a reverts back really easily then stick with that the thing with natural hair that there is no rules and limitations if you want to straighten your hair every single day do you if you don't want to know what you want to do but the universal definition across the board with natural hair is that it has not been treated with chemical products or heat to disturb (correction) your pattern from ever returning again so what I really want to address in his video is yes I want to answer a question but I wanted to give you all encouragements to stay you only in your only when it comes to your hair yes you may feel entitled to impress your opinions and sophisticated terminology among everyone but that's not everyone's thing to do to do what you do or live by your rules your hair is your hair my hairs my hair you know that some people out there that may say I hate myself because I wear extensions just extend my beauty and it extends everyone else's beauty if you want to wear extensions do that I have no problem rocking my fro which I even did on my book high have no problem rocking a twist out have no problem rocking a sewin or box braids the thing with natural hair that this is an outlet where you can be as creative as you want with your look one day can be curly one day you can be wavy when they can be straight you can even have relaxed hair and do so many different things so I really wanted to address is that to stay in your own lane don't impress our people things that put them down and if it doesn't apply to you move on and do what works for you and do what you love to do with your own hair so I hope this is definitely help you are the tips that I gave in advising different things want to consider as far as if you are trying to start flat ironing your hair for anyone else was watching or that you want to consider when people beam and tell you different things in regards to your own hair thank you all so much for watching and as always make sure to check the description box for any information I talk about this video of any further information you would like to know and as always I will see you all in my next video

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